Wednesday, 3 December 2014

One Year!!

Has it really been 3 months since my last post?? Oh dear im very sorry lol 

To be honest, noting has really happened in the 'hospital world' which is a great thing so i haven't had anything to update you all about :) 

Iv had a clinic in that time, which was all well. My Lungfuction is a lovely 90% and everything else is very good :) They want me to have a CT scan in January just to make sure that the 'mass' i had on my chest in August is still at bay, and i also will have my yearly bone infusion..i really hate it lol 

In November i planned a Day Of The Living party for awareness of Live Life Give Life which i am an advocate for. It was a Sugar Skull theme, and everyone done really well in helping me raise £551.89p!! Amazing for one night! I have a few photos of the party which il add at the bottom :) 

So tomorrow is a very special day..Its my One Year since my transplant!! can you believe it? Because i really can't, its gone so so fast! This year has been one of the most amazing but truly hardest years of my life. Its been a hard year in a way of coming to terms with dying for so long and knowing i haven't got long left to then having a brand new life, it is for me, really hard to deal with. Obviously im so so grateful but being told if this call doesn't come that's it. I never thought for one second i would get my call. Its hard to understand what im feeling unless you have been there yourself. And also this year my beautiful Nanny passed away. I live with my Nan and Gramps so it has been very hard having her here all then time and then not. Its been a really tough six months for the whole family. 

But all the good stuff that has happened to me this year, iv been able to go away for weekends, go on days out, plan days months ahead (which iv never been able to do!) and really just do anything i fancy :) Spending lots of time with my family and seeing my little brothers and sister too just getting on with their lives :) And iv also fallen in love :) .. So it has been a good year too. 

My transplant day is even more special because the same time i was getting my lungs a lovely lady got her heart from the same donor, even better is we have been in contact and have even met up a few times, im so very pleased to call her my friend now she is a lovely lady and im honoured to have the same donor as her. 

I not sure if you have seen lately but im in a calendar for Live Life Give Life, i am Miss January! the calendars are £10 and all the profits go straight to LLGL. So please please buy one (or two) there for a great cause

So here are a few photos over the last months :) 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

a good day.

Well todays clinc is probably the best clinic iv ever had!! 

Me and gramps set off at 7 to try and be the first there (the earlier you get the the quicker you get out) but we were about the 3rd ones there, which still wasn't too bad. 

I had all my usal tests done, bloods, lungfunction and xray..i saw a friend there too so was nice to catch up with her and also i met a guy who had his transplant around the same time as me and i heard about him from nurses around the ward, so was nice to put a face to the name and have a little chat.

I saw my doctor about half 10-11 i think.. she said that she was very impressed with my lungfucntion, she said that if she hant met me or known about me by my readings and xray she would of never know i had a transplant! woo!! my lungfuction is now 90%! it hasn't been that high since i was around 9-10? maybe younger! So im so so happy about that!! 

I asked about me flying and holiday trips but she said as im doing so well she doesn't want to risk anything by going away earlier than i should...which is completely fair. I also found out about my donor today, was a bit nervous waiting to hear and was thinking if i am ready to find out but im glad i did, now i sort of have an idea of who they were. After clinic was all done me and gramps went for a pub lunch :) 

This week i have been working hard on my exercising which has really paid legs are killing though!! its strange but wonderful that its my legs stopping me from working out instead of my lungs..its a good feeling. 

so all in all today has been a good day! And to make it even better my sister got her apprenticeship she wanted in painting and decorating! 

Its nice having good days for a change..

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

fault in our stars

I just want to start by saying thank you for all the lovely messages you have sent me over these last few weeks, its been very difficult but we are a strong family.

Since my last clinic i have been very last clinic was now 5 weeks ago! i haven't done that long being from hospital in about 2 years!! I do have clinic tomorrow and il finally be asking about my donor.. im feeling very nervous about this but i do want to know about them, i think of them everyday so it would be nice to have some sort of idea who they were. I think its too soon to be writing to there family but in time i will.

Im also going to ask about when i can go on holidays too.. im not desperate to go away and im not going to put my body at risk if i cant. But my gramps has a place in turkey and he needs to go out there in a few months so going to see what they say.. there is also a few little places id like to go too but i can get to them by euro star or ferry.

Since my last blog i have read a book...yes an actual book!!

'The fault in our stars' 

My friend Stacie told me about it and said i should read it, but for ages i put it off because the story is about a girl with cancer and whos on oxygen all the time...i thought reading it would just depress me and bring it all back to me. But i read it any way... once i started it i couldn't put it down and read it in that day. It was so beautiful, i mean i cried and it broke my heart but i loved it at the same time. Some of the lines were exactly how i felt at times, i was reading it thinking how can someone who hasn't got a lung disease be so right on the things we go through. One line was 'im like a grenade' and i 100% agree with that, thats what i felt like at times. After reading this i went a saw the film, i sobbed the whole way through... its the most honest film iv ever seen about an illness, it doesn't hide or just show the girl wearing oxygen once or twice in the movie, she wore it the whole time, her clothes were to baggy for her, she struggled walking, she didn't want to eat and it just goes on.. i just really love it.

Monday, 23 June 2014

A very hard day ahead..

So today is the day.

We are saying goodbye to my nanny.

To be honest im really not sure what to say about it, there isn't much to say. I v written something to say but im not sure if i will be able to read it, if not they or my mum will read it for me.

I went with my mum and gramps to see nan again and do her nails, this time instead of being on a bed she was in her casket, white willow with Ipswich town blue on the inside. But as soon as i saw nan i couldn't do it. It was just to hard to see nan like that, but mum done nans nails for me.

Nans favourite colour was Red, so alot of us are wear that colour. Iv got a red dress i know she would love. And my nails are the brightest red for her.

Today is going to be the hardest day of our lives. But were a strong family and we will be there for each other. And really its not a goodbye, shes always with us.

Thank you all for your messages and cards.. we have had so many so its hard to thank you all individually but we are very touched by it all.

Monday, 9 June 2014

My inspiration

On Friday my Nanny finally came home...but she wasn't well at all. She had been in hospital, the hospice and a nursing home. In total she had been away 5 weeks. We were all so excited to get nan home. As some of you know i live with my nan and gramps so i was so exited. My mum is staying with us and my aunt too.

Then on Saturday morning my mum woke me up to the worst news my beautiful Nanny had passed away. My Mum, Aunt and Gramps was with her, so im so glad she wasn't alone. I am just heart broken. Iv never felt pain like this.

My nan is my hero, she made me want to be well and carry on fighting...She was there for me through everything. All the years i had clinics, stays in hospital, when i was feeling upset, happy, we had so many laughs and jokes. I moved in with her and my gramps about 6 years ago. So i am so lucky iv got to spend everyday for the last fews years with her. i wouldn't replace them for the world.

We went to see Ipswich Town play every Saturday for 10 years together. The best days of my life.

I used to do my nan nails alot, so this week me and Gramps are going to say goodbye one last time and il be doing her nails for the last time. I love her so much and miss her even more.

My hero & best friend.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A long two weeks

It has been a long while since my last blog and im sorry for that, but these last two weeks have been very hard. 

So two weeks ago was my clinic, it went well they are all happy.. but mu lung function was down 10%, its now 79% but they really weren't worried. I was haha i was sitting in the waiting room panicking for hours until i got seen too. My consultant was happy with how i am, my xray hasnt changed at all and bloods are good. She said my LF being down is normal for the first 6-9 months, its my chest finding its base line.. I have clinic tomorrow and have my fingers crossed its gone up! :D 

I have also been to London for the weekend with my bestie, she lives there so i stayed with her. We had such a fun time! We went and saw McBusted!! When i was on telly for the ITN to say thank you they got me two tickets to see them and we were in the Friends and Family section! was amazing! we were so close and we saw all the wifes of the boys! Emma Willis too! 

When i got back from London my nan was in hospital, i haven't really spoke about my nan on my blog before but she isnt well. She was diagnosed with Lung Cancer 3 years ago and then a year later we found out it had spread to the brain. She has been fighting so hard, She is my inspiration. My Gramps has been looking after her with no help from carers. In the last year she has gotten much worse, and last week she just got very bad and we called an ambulance out ( i live with my nan and gramps) the ambulance got here and we went to addenbrooks. We were there for hours! It turned out she had fluid around the lungs and had an infection. She had a chest drain out in and was put on IVs. Then a few days ago she got moved to the hospice behind west suffolk hospital. They told us that it looks like she has weeks left. Its very heart breaking. My gramps is staying with her all the time now and im at home with my aunt. We are up the hospice everyday, its very emotionally draining. By the time i get home i just want to pass out im so tired. I hate seeing my nanny like this, she is my best friend. I love her so much.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dreams come true.

Today was clinic day, its been 3 weeks since my last one.. I was a bit nervous for today and i had just got out of that habit!

So up early and out the door by half 7 this morning, my gramps came with me today, we stopped off at McDonalds and had breakfast.. my gramps did make me laugh.. he wanted a bacon wrap with salad no matter how many time i told him they wouldn't do that he just wouldn't listen so of course i had to ask for it for him when we got there..obviously i was right lol Well we got to the hospital and checked in, i went for the usual bloods, xray and lungfuction. I was a bit gutted today as my lungfuction is down a bit. Its down 10%.. i started panicking think that they will want to keep me in for a bronc or biopsy. The wait to see the doctor was horrible we waited 2 and a half hours! i was last to be seen! The chairs were killing my back!

I had to wait because the main consultant wanted to see me, this scared me. Obviously i thought the worst as always. But it turns out because i hadnt seen her since Febuary she just wanted to say hi lol Phew!!
She said everything looks good, my weight is up and xray has no change and chest sounds 'amazing' ( her words) lol Shes not worried about the drop in lungfunction as my chest is finding its base line. So over the next 6 months it will be up and down. I am going back in 2 weeks though just to keep and eye :)

So Easter weekend  was amazing! :D I was out on the Friday night AND Saturday night..i had an actual alcohol drink! And im embarrassed to say one and a half was plenty for me! haha. I was .. lets say happy haha. Then on the Sunday me and the family had a Christmas dinner! Over December i couldn't eat my Christmas dinner as i had a bad sickness from my transplant! :D So as i was gutted i missed out on the beautiful goose, so my step dad brought one a few months ago. That dinner was amazing :D

This weekend i am finally going to stay at my besties for a weekend in london!! :D i havent been able to do this since she moved there as i was to unwell but now i can and i ma so excited!! ITN also got me two tickets to see McBusted on Saturday too! so we will be going there after our long shopping trip and lots of food! I am using my suitcase for something other than hospital! woo!!! :D :D

Sunday, 13 April 2014

I want to live at privet drive

On Monday i went to the Harry Potter studios with my brother and sister.. it was amazing, i had been before but i swear it had got better the second time i went! i want to live there haha i so want to go to Harry Potter world in orlando!! Cant imagine how good it would be there! lol So grateful that i had the chance to do this again and walk around for that long after just months after my transplant and enjoy the day with my brother and sister. 

The place i wish i could live!

The second house i want haha. 

Diagon ally selfie

This weekend was great. I went out last night and had a few drinks...well one and a half haha. that was enough for me, i was 'merry' :) haha. Im really not used to drink, haven't had one in a good few years! I woke up with a sore head lol. but was a good night :) 

This weekend i have also applied for a course! I am now studying acrylic nails...I have already passed my nail tech and gel nail course, so im excited to start this one. I had to stop doing nail as the dust was effecting my chest, but my transplant team have said as my lungs are like anyone else's now they don't see why i cant do them again :) Yay!! :D Cant wait!! 

Today was also a good day! i played on my brother trampoline!! havent ben able to do that in about 5 youngest brother is 3 and his face when i said shall we play on it was a picture..he didnt know what was going on..and when we were jumping he said 'are you all better now' was lovely :) 

End of this month im off to london for a whole weekend! :D so excited! im staying with a friend there :) and we have tickets to see McBusted! we are so excited!! Have to say thanks to my mumma and Lawrance and everyone at ITN for getting them for us :D we will be doing alot of shopping in Oxford street too!! yay!!! 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kerry Alex Thorpe

Well today was a hard day. 

Two weeks ago a beautiful young lady passed away. She was with her family, fiancĂ© Josh & her two pups who she loved as if they were her children. 

Today the weather was beautiful, so sunny and not a cloud in the sky. It was perfect for Kerry, it was like she was shining through. Her funeral was in Ipswich, and it was jam packed! There were so many people they to say goodbye, i would say a good 100 odd (even her pups!) 

The words from her family were so touching, i don't think there was a dry eye there. 

I met some friends there i speak to online, i have met Pennie before, but hadn't met Kirstie before, and her husband! You might remember Kirstie from her TV documentary a few years ago on BBC three 'Love on the transplant list'. So it was lovely to meet them :) 

Me Pennie, Josh & Kirstie
Stu, me ,Pennie, Kerry, Kirstie & Josh.

Josh has set up a Trust for Kerry. If you would like to make a donation here are the details :) 

The PayPal email address is - if you wish to send money on there do so "as a friend" and there will be no charges.

Also here is the Kerry Alex Thorpe Trust facebook page, please like :) Thank you. 

Click here to also sign up to be a donor if you still havent!! 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Six months ago..

Well i cant believe its been four months since my transplant already!! 

When i look back to six months ago i just cant believe the difference... October time i was in hospital for literally the whole month, i was on my oxygen all the time and i when i went out i had to be in a wheelchair... Now im running up the stairs, walking everywhere, doing everything myself...its the best feeling ever. Im so thankful to my donor :) 

So today i had clinic, my last clinic was 4 weeks ago, i haven't gone 4 weeks without any hospital in years!! Its also been 12 weeks since i had my last lot of ivs! :D Before my transplant i was on ivs 24/7! 

I had to be at my clinic for 9am today so me and my gramps left at 8, stopped off and had a cheeky MacDonalds breakfast. When i got there, i had to do all the usual tests, Lungfunction, x-ray and bloods. We didnt get in to see my doctor until lots of waiting around. Last clinic my lungfucntion was 68% and today it was 89%!!! Woo! :D Highest it has been in..way more than 6 years :) Im soooo happy!! 

Next week i am off to the Harry Potter studios! I have been before, but wasnt that great at walking around at that time, had to take my oxygen with me but this time...I can run around if i want too! hehe. And i will take lots more photos, didnt take enough last time... I can not wait!! 

Friday, 28 March 2014

One day is everyday

I wanted to post this last weekend, but if you read my last blog you will know why i didn't. 

So last Saturday i had the idea to go to Clare country park, i hadn't been in years and the last time i went i was just starting to go on oxygen, i couldn't walk far. I remember just looking around and looking up at the big hill thinking. i wish i could run up to the top like i used to when i was little. i kept thinking 'one day' i will do that again. And i did!!  It was the best feeling.

 It seems like the 'one day' thought i had then is now everyday for me. Everyday im doing something i was once thinking 'one day' too :) 

Me, my brother, sister and brothers girlfriend Clare we spent the afternoon at Clare park then went to a diner for lunch. We fed the ducks & done lots of walking. It really was a good day :) 

During this week i have had quite a chilled week. Haven't really done much, which is a change as lately iv been here, there and everywhere! Yesterday it was my littler brothers birthday..have to stop saying little he is 16 now lol Ethan didn't want to do much for it so we just had a 'special tea' when we were all little our mum and dad used to treat us to this special tea once in a while, we would have tea in a tea pot, crumpets, cakes,sweets, sausage rolls..lots and lots of goodies. It was special because we weren't ever aloud to eat in the living room but when we had this we could. So that's what we had last night :) was lovely! 

This weekend im taking Ethan shopping to buy his birthday pressie and go out for lunch somewhere. Then in April i am so so busy!! Iv got clinic (which i haven't had in 4 weeks!) then me Ethan and Rheannon are going Harry Potter studios, then me and my mum are going to a cake convention in London for the day. Then i have a weekend in London with my bestie to see McBusted!! So excited for this whole month!! :D 

Today i weighted myself and i have put on a lovely 2 stone in 3 months!! :D So happy! In my head i had a goal of reaching 45kgs before my birthday in May, but i have hit that a month early!! woo!! Im finally in a pair of size 8 jeans!! :D 

Here are a few photos of last weekend :) 

I reached the top!!

clare, ethan me and rheannon

sister love!

ethan and his lovely girlfriend

me in my size 8s!!! :D 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A beautiful lady.

Iv been staring at this screen for ages trying to think of something to say. 

What can i say?  What can i say about a beautiful friend of mine passing away? 

Kerry was 23, her birthday only 6 days ago. She had her fiancĂ© Josh, two puppy's and a big lovely family. She was on the transplant list for almost two years, but her call just never came. Why didn't it? Because no matter how many people sign up to become an Organ donor, its just still not enough. 31% of us are organ donors... but 90% of us would accept one? 

I know i talk alot about organ donation and im always trying to get people to sign up, but this is why! She didn't have to die, this could have been prevented. She should of got married and had a happy life with Josh. This isn't fair. I know i am incredibly lucky to have got my transplant and i think about it everyday. I just wish all my friends could have this feeling. 

This is my friend Pennies blog about Kerry, please give it a read. And then if you haven't already please please please sign up to be a donor. I just cant stress enough how important this is. 


Friday, 21 March 2014

My week away

Hello everyone, 

I had such a lovely week away with my family, me my gramps, nan and mum..and my step dad joined us at the weekend :) The weather was just perfect! We even managed to sit in a beer garden for a few hours on Sunday! 

The last time we was at my nan & gramps' caravan me my mum and nan were all in a wheelchair!! haha. Me because i couldn't walk far, nan for the same reason and my mum because she broke her ankle. And i haven't been able to walk around the caravan site in the 3 years they have had it. So it was so so great to be able to walk around it all, not being pushed at all! I was able to help out with making the beds, taking to bins out, washing up...just the normal stuff! Some of you may know my nanny isnt very well, she has lung cancer & it has slso spread to her head now. She was diagnosed 3 years ago. Her legs have been causing her problems lately so walking around the house is hard for her, BUT down the van she was walking loads, and she even made dinner for herself one night. She done really well down there. Very proud of her. So as she does so well down there just means we will have to go down there more often :P hehe. 

Oh i have also put on 5lb while we were down there!! I literally didn't stop eating haha. I had a fry up for breakfast everyday lol!! 

Here are a few photos; 
me and my step dad at the beach 

me, mum and nanny

we had ducks quack to let us know they were hungry eveyday lol 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Sorry, im so behind!

Sorry i haven't blogged in a while! I have actually been very busy for a lovely change :) On my last blog i wrote about how i was in A&E and had to stay in hospital for a few days.. well im pleased to say since then i have been doing really well!

On the 6th of March i was booked in for my first ever biopsy.. i wont lie i was dreading it! I have been getting very bad anxiety, and when i worry it gets worse, so as i was worrying about this i make myself feel so sick, and my mood changes, i become very quite and grumpy .. not fun for people around me! lol. So Thursday morning my Dad picked me up with my little brother, hes only 3 :) We got there and i had the usual tests done before i see the doc. Lungfuction, bloods and x-ray... had them all done then just had to wait to see my doctor. we got there at 9 and didn't get seen until half 11, but this was normal. I met a friend while we were there. Chantelle had her transplant almost 3 years ago now, shes doing well :) it was lovely to see her as i don't get to that often.

I got called in to see the drs, and at first me and my dad got a bit worried. He was asking me what antibiotics i have been on over the last two weeks, i told him i hadnt been on any...the he asked what had i been up too while looking puzzled?.. and i said iv now started college, im re doing my gcse's, i went on my first shopping trip since my transplant, 5 whole hours of walking around, iv been going to the gym..just doing so much more than i was 3 months ago. He then asked to listen to my chest..then he looked at my notes and said 'well...your doing really well' .. he sounded quite surprised!! haha. My lungfunction has gone up from 59% two weeks ago to 68% then and my weight was also up from 39kgs to 41kgs in two weeks!! ( i just cant stop eating!!) He said as i am doing so well he didn't want to do a biopsy, he explained that sometimes a biopsy can start an infection and as im doing well he doesn't want to risk it. He said i wont need another bronc or biopsy unless i feel unwell or my lungfucntions drops, they don't want to see my in clinic for another 4 weeks!! woo!!! My magnesium level is a tad low so on Wednesday i have to have a drip to pick that up.. its only over 2 hours which isn't to bad.

 Also today i had an interview with the BBC this time.. all about my transplant story. The lady who interviewed me was here for around two hours and when it went on the news they only showed a 5 second clip! haha. But it was good to get more awareness out. I also had a surprise of seeing some pictures of my friend on the news to and her mum, if you can remember i have spoke about a good friend of mine Clare, she passed away last April waiting for her lungs. It really upsets me that she never got her call in time. We had lots of plans to do together once we both had our op. I have a rose planted for her in my garden and it started to sprout this week, made me feel like she is looking over me.

My other good friend who i met via twitter, Stacie Pridden, you have heard me speak of her before, shes waiting for a heart and lung transplant... Well she was in cosmo magazine this month along with her twin sister. Stacie is the most bravest person i have ever met. Im so so proud of her. Before i met friends like Stacie and Clare..and others Chantelle, Eve & Gemma to name a few, i always told myself i didn't want to speak to other people like me, i didn't think it would help. But i have to say that was the most stupid thing i have ever thought. These people are the best people in my life, im so lucky and grateful to have them all in my life, they have all become such good friends of mine. Stacie especially, she is one of my best friends..i want her to get her call so so bad now. She deserves it so much! Please read her blog if you get a chance, ts so inspiring :) Stacies blog.

here are some pictures since iv been home..which is now 2 months!

 Me & my sister about to head of on our first shopping trip! (little double chin iv got going on lol)
 me, sister and brother (ethan & rheannon)
 me in my workout gear!! Starting to get some chub on me finally!! 
 yes i pose! .. im now a little blonder!
 my friend and her sister in cosmo this month!! go and buy!!
 me & ethan
me again! When i was away for a few days. 

Im now hoping to go away for a week this week :) nice little break from this town :) 

I wont leave it to long to blog next time..i promise! :) 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Last 3 weeks..

So this time 3 weeks ago i was in A&E with my mumma, i had not stopped being sick for 4 days, and hadn't eaten something in 5 days. I had a bronc on the Thursday so on the Wednesday i wasn't aloud to eat past midnight. The bronc day i was nervous as usual but when i got there a nurse told me i wasn't having it so i relaxed abit and got excited for lunch lol But when i went and saw the doctor he said i needed to have one. So i got all worked up again, they also asked if they could do a biopsy but me and my dad said no, we said that they couldnt just spring that on me, i needed time to let it sink in. So i was just having the bronc, they gave me a little tablet to calm me down too. This made me fall asleep when i got to my room. So i went down had my bronc and when i woke up i felt fine, wasn't feeling sick at all. Me and my dad drove home.. i was fine the whole way and we even went to sainsburys. That night i went to bed and had a bucket just in case i was sick. It got to about 12 and i was just sick, and couldnt stop. Then from then on every two hours i was being sick, i couldnt sleep, i couldnt drink or eat. It was horrible. This went on until Sunday, i rang papworth and they told me to go A&E for an anti-sickness injection. I really didnt want to go but i had too. My mum took me, we got there and my mum checked me in while i sat down, then i heard that the nurse started filling in a childs form for me..she thought i was 15!!! She was going to send me to the children's ward! lol. So i got seen pretty wuick and had a bag of fluids and some anti sickness through IV. I felt better straight away after the anti sickness. i did have anti sickness tablets at home but they just didnt work at all. They went on to say they wanted to keep me in over night, which i did. Then they next day they wanted an X-ray and more bloods ect. They admitted they never see lung transplant patients often and didnt know how to look after me, i kept telling them i was fine and i just came in cos i felt sick nothing to do with my chest. They said they spoke to papworth and pap wanted me to have IVs! i really didnt understand why and no one was telling me. So in the end i rang pap myself, they said that addenbrooks wanted me to have IVs not i was truely confused! They made me stay in another night.. i was so angry, cos i was feeling so much better, eating, drinking..i was back to normal! Then that night i had so so so many student drs come in to look me over. So now i understood why they were keeping me in another night, just so they could use me as a dummy. One student dr hurt me, she pushed down on my chest, it hurt very very badly. 

So i came home and since then have felt great! I cant stop eating.!! i have put on 2 kgs :) Thats all by myself no feeding through my peg at all :) My lungfuction is now 59%! its great compared to my 15% 3 weeks after transplant :) Gyming and walking everywhere is doing me great! :) 

I went away this week for a few days with my brother, we only went to ipswich on the quay, it was lovely..we done lots of walking and eating, just chilled out for 3 days :) Was great, even more so because i booked the trip away 3 -4 weeks ago and i didnt cancel because of hospital! Dont remember the last time i could plan stuff :) 

Last night i had a night with my bestie, we made our own mexican night :) was lovely to see her as she lives in london we dont see each other as often as we would like. But in April im going to stay with her for the weekend and we are going to see McBusted! woo! :D 

I woke up this morning to a friend having had her call for her new lungs! She has only been on the list 17 days! how amazing :D shes still in theatre now, i will let you know more about her as i do :) Now as im writing this i am so so happy for my friend, but at the same time im upset that my other friend hasn't had her call yet. As you may remember i have spoke Stacie, she has been wait 22 months now. We just dont know why its taking so long!! lol. She is going through a hard time at the moment so please send her well wishes and happy thoughts :)  If you did want to do anything to help out you could sign up to be a donor :) Be brave like my donor! 

Monday, 3 February 2014

No place like home

It has now been 3 weeks and 3 days since i was last on IVs! Woo!!

I have been enjoying myself at home so much :D I have been going to the gym, started driving again, playing with my little brothers, booked a few days away for middle of Feb, had a photo shoot & have been out for lunch too! Been a busy little bee..and i love it!

So after the first few days of being home i went to the gym with my sister and her boyfriend, we went in the afternoon so it wasn't to busy as im still not aloud to be in crowded places, it was really, i am only aloud to do cardio a the moment so i done 15 mins on the treadmill and 15 mins on the bike, and 5 mins on the ski machine..which just killed my legs!! was great! i wasn't breathless or struggling at all! :D im really enjoying going, and now my brother is starting to come with me as he wants to get fit as he wants to join the RAF :) So we are off there tonight! Iv also started to do a 30 day squat challenge.. im on day 2 today, im so unfit my legs just kill haha but im glad its my legs and not my chest! :D

Last Thursday i went for a bronc, but i had to go on my own as all my family couldnt get time i got a taxi there in the morning for 8,  and had my bronc at 2..i was very very nervous being on my own and it showed because when they gave me the sedation i fought them off so they couldnt put the camera down to my chest..ops! i didnt know i had done this until i woke up. Was so embarrassed! My step dad came to pick me up that evening when i was awake properly, we got home for about 7 so i was at hospital for 12 hours..thats a long time to be on your own there too! When i got home i felt awful, i went straight to bed without dinner, i coudnt face food i felt way to sick ( i didnt have any anti sickness either) i later got a temp and couldnt stop coughing, Of course i panicked like a mad a rang the hospital on the Saturday morning. They reassured me that it was normal and there was nothing to worry about but i just didnt like it. So they said they would see me on the monday for a clinic and bloods. My Dad took me this time, we got there for 10, had bloods ect and xray and everything was good! Even my lungfnction got to a high of 1.15! woo!!
I also asked for some anti sickness tablets as i just wasnt eating anything as i was feel to sick. Since starting them i havent stopped eating! I have also put on 2lb! woo!

I had a photoshoot done last Sunday, its for a calendar for Transplant, You can find us on Facebook for sneak peaks of each shoot .. Im January, the calendar is for 2015 :) Im not saying much about my shoot though as its a secret! hehe. It was alot of fun though and i got to meet Victoria who also had a transplant, we speak online so was nice to actually see her, she lives in Scotland so she came down just for the shoot! And also got to see another transplant friend Chantelle, we have meet before but haven't seen her in a long time :)

I decided i wanted to take a little trip somewhere, so i have booked a few days away with my brother Ethan, we both need a break and some relaxing time away..different scenery really. So we have a few days away in 15 days. Can not wait! :D I get to finally use my Ted Baker suitcase for something other than hospital!! YAY!!!

So today im off to the gym again and cooking dinner tonight! Im really loving Mexican food at the moment so tonight is fajitas and nachos!! :D

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Im home!

So some of you may already know that i am now officially home!! Yayayayay!! :D

I came home on the 10th Jan, just 5 weeks after transplant, but as i was already in hospital having ivs before my op i was actually in hospital just under 7 weeks! which was enough for me lol I got moved from the mallard ward to Baron ward, which is the ward i normally go to when i go in for ivs, so i knew all the staff and i have to say i didnt like Mallard, some of the staff we very rude...there was a few that were nice and they were mostly my age, but the older nurses just didnt have the time of day for me.

So i was so happy to be back on Baron, with all my lovely nurses, my own room, big telly, own bathroom too! this only lasted a few days..i was then moved to another room that i had to share, i have not shared a hospital room since i was 10-11 years old! haha. But a friend of mine was coming in for a bronc that day so i asked the nurses if they could put her in with me, which they did! So that was lovely seeing Kath, who i have mentioned before, she had her heart and lung transplant in September, her blog is here. Kath was only in for the night, so i had another lady after and she was lovely but she was singing and talking to herself at 2 in the morning lol

So i anyway i am now home!! :D i have been enjoying it so much! I have been walking everywhere, doing everything myslef instead of asking my gramps to do or get things for me... its so nice :) its also so strange, to be going on walks, only around my block but it only takes me less then 5 mins and before if i tried (not that i would of) it would of taken me 45mins or more, with the oxygen too.... and there is no way i would of been able to walk up the hills here, the only thing the is hurting is my legs!! haha they are like jelly when i get back indoors! lol

I have lots of little plans for next week, seeing friends and family :) im going into town tomora to see how i get on, have a look in the shops and some lunch with my sister, start the gym sometime this week also wih my sister...i have my first clinic on Thursday, its first come first serve so me and dad are getting there for 8am! sooooo early compared to my old 3 o'clock cf clinic haha. Dad is coming with me as im not allowed to drive yet, hopefully not much longer and i can get back in my audi...i miss driving its been months!!

so thats all for now, i am not going to have a counter on here any more :P i have my lungs hehehehe!!!