Friday, 18 May 2012

10 Days Done!

Home time!! Il be finishing my 10 day stay tomorrow, will be leaving early once my morning dose has been given :) Home early and then make some cupcakes!! 

This stay hasn't been to bad, i haven't been on a drip at all so iv been able to walk around and get out and about, my dad come up wit my two brothers last weekend and we went out to the lake here at Papworth then went over to Cambourne to take the boys to the park, we then had a picnic, but had it in the car as it was to cold to eat outside! lol 

I had my PEG changed to a button, although they now call it a mickey, i like button better :)
i only took 5 mins to do and the surgeon was really nice, i had the same surgeon that put my PEG in do it. I just layed down and covered my eyes so i couldn't see what was going on, he took my PEG out which felt very weird, the had to measure my hole to see what size button to put in, then he put the button in and took my stitches out and it was done!! It looks and feels so much better! Here a pic of the PEG and now button :)

My infection levels have gone down to 15! which is brill, there ment to be under 10 so not to far off :) Also!! my weight has gone up again! Since the 23rd of April iv put on a stone!! :D :D i only need to put on 2 more pound before i can contact the Transplant team and tell them im at my target and they can do a few more test then hopefully il be on the list!! :D I get so exited when i think of it, but then my stomach fills with butterfly's. I could be on the list by July. I could have new Lungs by Christmas! :O Scary! Iv been thinking of what i would like to do after transplant...The thing on the top of my list is go to America!! Iv always wanted to go and it would be a dream come true... travel around for a few weeks with Ben :) Then i have been thinking of a job?, or i could go to uni? I think i would like to move out of haverhill tho, not to far cos i don't want to be to far away from my family.. Ooo i get exited thinking about it :) 

Il have clinic in 4 weeks time and will do my Lungfuction which i haven't done since April cos of having my op. And hopefully then il be in touch wit the transplant team :)

Thank you for reading! xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012


Yay my weights finally getting somewhere! Two weeks ago my weight was 39 kilos... Now its 43.8 kilos! yay! Thats 6 pound on :) i have been eating quite allot lately, iv been finishing my meals which doesn't happen often. 3 meals a days plus snacks, plus my 2000 cal of fed a doing well! Which now means im only 4 pound off going on the Transplant List!! :O :D Its so exciting but i get butterfly's every time i think about it ! I could have new lungs by Christmas!! 

Im of home on Saturday, this visit hasnt been to bad, iv been home quite allot anyway though it.. off home tomorrow for a bit too! Make some yummy cupcakes :) 

Only a mini update today... Ohh also my bestie Sara is in a music video!! Shes a star! If you have a minute go onto youtube and search 'Van Susans- Firework' :) Such a lovely song :) Thanks for reading! xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Since my last blogg..

Since coming out of hospital 2 weeks ago, iv had some news in the family which has devastated me, i cant see how i will cope. I don't think i will ever learn how to either. It has been a horrible time at home, family being down and upset, seeing family members cry who iv never seen cry before. Plans being made, thoughts being said out loud. Its just horrible. Iv told myself to be strong and just smile, but i cant and iv admitted that i need help and iv been put on some tablets to help my mood. Im also going to be seeing someone i can talk to, to try and help me. And im okay with this. think it will help me allot to vent to someone i don't know. Its okay not to be strong all the time, everyone needs a break from it now and then.

Well due to this i haven't been eating well although im still doing my feeds i haven't put on any weight. My infection levels went up to 75 last week but this week they have come down to 55, but as my doctor has said, its best to put on my IVs for 10 days to get the infection level right down to help me get to my best for transplant. So im now in Papworth, on 3 different IVs 3 times a day, BUT they don't take long to do and the doctors have said i can go home during the day if i wanted too! So now just have to wait for pay day for petrol!! 

Also since my last blog i had my 21st Birthday!! YAY! finally an adult!! :D I went to the Harry Potter Studios with Ben, i was amazing, we were both star struck really! Was amazing to see everything they had and walk in the same places they all had! Then at the weekend me and Ben went to my nans and granddads caravan in great Yarmouth for the long bank holiday weekend. It was freezing! Ben got a cold while being there and my PEG played up abit, was very sore to walk and the first day i couldn't walk anywhere. But thats better now. We had heaters on and heated blankets, but was still cold, and the coldness of outside and the heat from the heater was making me cough and making my chest feel quite tight, so we came home on the Sunday but was nice just get away, we had a nice time watching the football and making nachos and watching films with lots of rubbish food :) 

Now im still trying to put my weight on, and iv got a target set. Its my uncles wedding end of this month so i need to look good to get a nice dress on...get some chubby legs out ;) 

Thank you for reading again!! xx