Monday, 20 May 2013

Nice weekend

Iv had a nice-ish weekend lol I had a lot of my family come see me and my good twitter friends Kath and Rob, iv mentioned before Kath is also waiting for a Lung that was really nice, but then my chest was being silly all weekend. The Saturday I felt quite bad, was coughing a lot and couldn't move without coughing, and was also on my oxygen for most of the day...then on the Sunday my chest was fine! I wasn't coughing much at all. And then last night I was up all night coughing, so its a bit up and down at the moment. I have now been put on IVs and there all ones that can be pushed in so im not on a drip at all, which is nice to be able to move around without a drip stand running over my toes! lol Not much else to write about yet..which is a good thing I think lol

I have now been on the Tranplant list 8 months! Its gone very fast, but seems to be very long as well.. Hopefully not much longer.

5,864 hours on the list.

Friday, 17 May 2013

No Sleep!!

So last time i blogged i had just had my Transplant review, since then i have been on IVs so about 3 weeks now.... Iv been waiting for a bed to come in for ages too. But Papworth have been so busy with so many Cf'ers not being well. Well last night i finally got a call to say they have a bed for me, my potassium has been very low and there quite worried about it and have been monitoring my heart to keep an eye on it. So last night i got hooked up to my drip, had wires all over my body and the machine beeping every other second. So i knew i wasn't going to get much sleep. THEN, 3am i had nurses come in and a dr to tell me my potassium is dropping even more, so they want to put me on an intense drip for an hour and more wires added to my chest, i also had a cannula put in, yes it did hurt alot lol then they kept having to check my bloods so was having blood test every half hour. So no last night i didnt sleep at all....and with all  that i so desperately needed a wee!!! But with all the wires i couldn't move so had to hold it until 9 this morning, was horrible haha. So i just saw my Dr and he wants to give my kidneys a break of IVs so i wont be on any this weekend, have a nice break and try and sleep as much as i can! If anyone wants to send me some Ben and Jerrys ice cream im okay with that :) hehe Oh that reminds me, i mentioned before that i have lost alot of weight, but i have managed to put on 2lb this week by just eating no feeds as they want me to have a break from them too! So yay for 2lb!!

I had a lovely birthday thank you for all your messages :) i will let you know how this weekends goes next week :) thank you for the continued support love you all!!

5,787 hours on the Transplant List