Sunday, 17 November 2013

Catch up..

Sorry i haven't posted in a while because i didn't want to post for no reason and you all get bored of me haha So thankfully, not much has happened since my last blog. If i remember my last post was about me starting the Nippy, it is going great! I haven't woke up with a head ache since! :D woo! In the week i went out for a bit and i didn't walk much but it was up a little hill and i got quite a bad head ache after that, so when i got in i put the nippy on and after about 20 mins the head ache went away! its great! :)

Iv now been home 15 days, on IVs but im pleased with that..around this time of year i would rather be on IVs, to many people are ill..i have to avoid everyone who has germs!! This time of year can get very lonely :( My nans not very well at the moment either so as i live with her its hard to not be in contact. We have lots of germ gel though lol

I got a fine today for parking in town, i had my blue badge out and i walked up to the policeman writing the ticket out, he could see me struggling walking to him and i was wearing my oxygen. I explained that there wasn't any parking spots in town and i couldn't walk far so that's why i parked where i did. He just said 'this isn't my favourite part of my job.' Very rude of him i thought. I'm going to appeal though.

I have clinic tomorrow! Hopefully they will still be happy with me being home :) IV still got some tablets to fall back on if i start to feel crappy :)

10,154 hours
423 days
on the transplant list