Thursday, 3 April 2014

Six months ago..

Well i cant believe its been four months since my transplant already!! 

When i look back to six months ago i just cant believe the difference... October time i was in hospital for literally the whole month, i was on my oxygen all the time and i when i went out i had to be in a wheelchair... Now im running up the stairs, walking everywhere, doing everything myself...its the best feeling ever. Im so thankful to my donor :) 

So today i had clinic, my last clinic was 4 weeks ago, i haven't gone 4 weeks without any hospital in years!! Its also been 12 weeks since i had my last lot of ivs! :D Before my transplant i was on ivs 24/7! 

I had to be at my clinic for 9am today so me and my gramps left at 8, stopped off and had a cheeky MacDonalds breakfast. When i got there, i had to do all the usual tests, Lungfunction, x-ray and bloods. We didnt get in to see my doctor until lots of waiting around. Last clinic my lungfucntion was 68% and today it was 89%!!! Woo! :D Highest it has been in..way more than 6 years :) Im soooo happy!! 

Next week i am off to the Harry Potter studios! I have been before, but wasnt that great at walking around at that time, had to take my oxygen with me but this time...I can run around if i want too! hehe. And i will take lots more photos, didnt take enough last time... I can not wait!! 

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  1. Makes me happy and proud to read this, well done and keep it up :-D after all your a Ipswich town supporter, x