Sunday, 12 January 2014

Im home!

So some of you may already know that i am now officially home!! Yayayayay!! :D

I came home on the 10th Jan, just 5 weeks after transplant, but as i was already in hospital having ivs before my op i was actually in hospital just under 7 weeks! which was enough for me lol I got moved from the mallard ward to Baron ward, which is the ward i normally go to when i go in for ivs, so i knew all the staff and i have to say i didnt like Mallard, some of the staff we very rude...there was a few that were nice and they were mostly my age, but the older nurses just didnt have the time of day for me.

So i was so happy to be back on Baron, with all my lovely nurses, my own room, big telly, own bathroom too! this only lasted a few days..i was then moved to another room that i had to share, i have not shared a hospital room since i was 10-11 years old! haha. But a friend of mine was coming in for a bronc that day so i asked the nurses if they could put her in with me, which they did! So that was lovely seeing Kath, who i have mentioned before, she had her heart and lung transplant in September, her blog is here. Kath was only in for the night, so i had another lady after and she was lovely but she was singing and talking to herself at 2 in the morning lol

So i anyway i am now home!! :D i have been enjoying it so much! I have been walking everywhere, doing everything myslef instead of asking my gramps to do or get things for me... its so nice :) its also so strange, to be going on walks, only around my block but it only takes me less then 5 mins and before if i tried (not that i would of) it would of taken me 45mins or more, with the oxygen too.... and there is no way i would of been able to walk up the hills here, the only thing the is hurting is my legs!! haha they are like jelly when i get back indoors! lol

I have lots of little plans for next week, seeing friends and family :) im going into town tomora to see how i get on, have a look in the shops and some lunch with my sister, start the gym sometime this week also wih my sister...i have my first clinic on Thursday, its first come first serve so me and dad are getting there for 8am! sooooo early compared to my old 3 o'clock cf clinic haha. Dad is coming with me as im not allowed to drive yet, hopefully not much longer and i can get back in my audi...i miss driving its been months!!

so thats all for now, i am not going to have a counter on here any more :P i have my lungs hehehehe!!!

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