Wednesday, 3 December 2014

One Year!!

Has it really been 3 months since my last post?? Oh dear im very sorry lol 

To be honest, noting has really happened in the 'hospital world' which is a great thing so i haven't had anything to update you all about :) 

Iv had a clinic in that time, which was all well. My Lungfuction is a lovely 90% and everything else is very good :) They want me to have a CT scan in January just to make sure that the 'mass' i had on my chest in August is still at bay, and i also will have my yearly bone infusion..i really hate it lol 

In November i planned a Day Of The Living party for awareness of Live Life Give Life which i am an advocate for. It was a Sugar Skull theme, and everyone done really well in helping me raise £551.89p!! Amazing for one night! I have a few photos of the party which il add at the bottom :) 

So tomorrow is a very special day..Its my One Year since my transplant!! can you believe it? Because i really can't, its gone so so fast! This year has been one of the most amazing but truly hardest years of my life. Its been a hard year in a way of coming to terms with dying for so long and knowing i haven't got long left to then having a brand new life, it is for me, really hard to deal with. Obviously im so so grateful but being told if this call doesn't come that's it. I never thought for one second i would get my call. Its hard to understand what im feeling unless you have been there yourself. And also this year my beautiful Nanny passed away. I live with my Nan and Gramps so it has been very hard having her here all then time and then not. Its been a really tough six months for the whole family. 

But all the good stuff that has happened to me this year, iv been able to go away for weekends, go on days out, plan days months ahead (which iv never been able to do!) and really just do anything i fancy :) Spending lots of time with my family and seeing my little brothers and sister too just getting on with their lives :) And iv also fallen in love :) .. So it has been a good year too. 

My transplant day is even more special because the same time i was getting my lungs a lovely lady got her heart from the same donor, even better is we have been in contact and have even met up a few times, im so very pleased to call her my friend now she is a lovely lady and im honoured to have the same donor as her. 

I not sure if you have seen lately but im in a calendar for Live Life Give Life, i am Miss January! the calendars are £10 and all the profits go straight to LLGL. So please please buy one (or two) there for a great cause

So here are a few photos over the last months :) 

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