Friday, 28 March 2014

One day is everyday

I wanted to post this last weekend, but if you read my last blog you will know why i didn't. 

So last Saturday i had the idea to go to Clare country park, i hadn't been in years and the last time i went i was just starting to go on oxygen, i couldn't walk far. I remember just looking around and looking up at the big hill thinking. i wish i could run up to the top like i used to when i was little. i kept thinking 'one day' i will do that again. And i did!!  It was the best feeling.

 It seems like the 'one day' thought i had then is now everyday for me. Everyday im doing something i was once thinking 'one day' too :) 

Me, my brother, sister and brothers girlfriend Clare we spent the afternoon at Clare park then went to a diner for lunch. We fed the ducks & done lots of walking. It really was a good day :) 

During this week i have had quite a chilled week. Haven't really done much, which is a change as lately iv been here, there and everywhere! Yesterday it was my littler brothers birthday..have to stop saying little he is 16 now lol Ethan didn't want to do much for it so we just had a 'special tea' when we were all little our mum and dad used to treat us to this special tea once in a while, we would have tea in a tea pot, crumpets, cakes,sweets, sausage rolls..lots and lots of goodies. It was special because we weren't ever aloud to eat in the living room but when we had this we could. So that's what we had last night :) was lovely! 

This weekend im taking Ethan shopping to buy his birthday pressie and go out for lunch somewhere. Then in April i am so so busy!! Iv got clinic (which i haven't had in 4 weeks!) then me Ethan and Rheannon are going Harry Potter studios, then me and my mum are going to a cake convention in London for the day. Then i have a weekend in London with my bestie to see McBusted!! So excited for this whole month!! :D 

Today i weighted myself and i have put on a lovely 2 stone in 3 months!! :D So happy! In my head i had a goal of reaching 45kgs before my birthday in May, but i have hit that a month early!! woo!! Im finally in a pair of size 8 jeans!! :D 

Here are a few photos of last weekend :) 

I reached the top!!

clare, ethan me and rheannon

sister love!

ethan and his lovely girlfriend

me in my size 8s!!! :D 

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