Sunday, 23 March 2014

A beautiful lady.

Iv been staring at this screen for ages trying to think of something to say. 

What can i say?  What can i say about a beautiful friend of mine passing away? 

Kerry was 23, her birthday only 6 days ago. She had her fiancé Josh, two puppy's and a big lovely family. She was on the transplant list for almost two years, but her call just never came. Why didn't it? Because no matter how many people sign up to become an Organ donor, its just still not enough. 31% of us are organ donors... but 90% of us would accept one? 

I know i talk alot about organ donation and im always trying to get people to sign up, but this is why! She didn't have to die, this could have been prevented. She should of got married and had a happy life with Josh. This isn't fair. I know i am incredibly lucky to have got my transplant and i think about it everyday. I just wish all my friends could have this feeling. 

This is my friend Pennies blog about Kerry, please give it a read. And then if you haven't already please please please sign up to be a donor. I just cant stress enough how important this is. 


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