Friday, 28 March 2014

One day is everyday

I wanted to post this last weekend, but if you read my last blog you will know why i didn't. 

So last Saturday i had the idea to go to Clare country park, i hadn't been in years and the last time i went i was just starting to go on oxygen, i couldn't walk far. I remember just looking around and looking up at the big hill thinking. i wish i could run up to the top like i used to when i was little. i kept thinking 'one day' i will do that again. And i did!!  It was the best feeling.

 It seems like the 'one day' thought i had then is now everyday for me. Everyday im doing something i was once thinking 'one day' too :) 

Me, my brother, sister and brothers girlfriend Clare we spent the afternoon at Clare park then went to a diner for lunch. We fed the ducks & done lots of walking. It really was a good day :) 

During this week i have had quite a chilled week. Haven't really done much, which is a change as lately iv been here, there and everywhere! Yesterday it was my littler brothers birthday..have to stop saying little he is 16 now lol Ethan didn't want to do much for it so we just had a 'special tea' when we were all little our mum and dad used to treat us to this special tea once in a while, we would have tea in a tea pot, crumpets, cakes,sweets, sausage rolls..lots and lots of goodies. It was special because we weren't ever aloud to eat in the living room but when we had this we could. So that's what we had last night :) was lovely! 

This weekend im taking Ethan shopping to buy his birthday pressie and go out for lunch somewhere. Then in April i am so so busy!! Iv got clinic (which i haven't had in 4 weeks!) then me Ethan and Rheannon are going Harry Potter studios, then me and my mum are going to a cake convention in London for the day. Then i have a weekend in London with my bestie to see McBusted!! So excited for this whole month!! :D 

Today i weighted myself and i have put on a lovely 2 stone in 3 months!! :D So happy! In my head i had a goal of reaching 45kgs before my birthday in May, but i have hit that a month early!! woo!! Im finally in a pair of size 8 jeans!! :D 

Here are a few photos of last weekend :) 

I reached the top!!

clare, ethan me and rheannon

sister love!

ethan and his lovely girlfriend

me in my size 8s!!! :D 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A beautiful lady.

Iv been staring at this screen for ages trying to think of something to say. 

What can i say?  What can i say about a beautiful friend of mine passing away? 

Kerry was 23, her birthday only 6 days ago. She had her fiancĂ© Josh, two puppy's and a big lovely family. She was on the transplant list for almost two years, but her call just never came. Why didn't it? Because no matter how many people sign up to become an Organ donor, its just still not enough. 31% of us are organ donors... but 90% of us would accept one? 

I know i talk alot about organ donation and im always trying to get people to sign up, but this is why! She didn't have to die, this could have been prevented. She should of got married and had a happy life with Josh. This isn't fair. I know i am incredibly lucky to have got my transplant and i think about it everyday. I just wish all my friends could have this feeling. 

This is my friend Pennies blog about Kerry, please give it a read. And then if you haven't already please please please sign up to be a donor. I just cant stress enough how important this is. 


Friday, 21 March 2014

My week away

Hello everyone, 

I had such a lovely week away with my family, me my gramps, nan and mum..and my step dad joined us at the weekend :) The weather was just perfect! We even managed to sit in a beer garden for a few hours on Sunday! 

The last time we was at my nan & gramps' caravan me my mum and nan were all in a wheelchair!! haha. Me because i couldn't walk far, nan for the same reason and my mum because she broke her ankle. And i haven't been able to walk around the caravan site in the 3 years they have had it. So it was so so great to be able to walk around it all, not being pushed at all! I was able to help out with making the beds, taking to bins out, washing up...just the normal stuff! Some of you may know my nanny isnt very well, she has lung cancer & it has slso spread to her head now. She was diagnosed 3 years ago. Her legs have been causing her problems lately so walking around the house is hard for her, BUT down the van she was walking loads, and she even made dinner for herself one night. She done really well down there. Very proud of her. So as she does so well down there just means we will have to go down there more often :P hehe. 

Oh i have also put on 5lb while we were down there!! I literally didn't stop eating haha. I had a fry up for breakfast everyday lol!! 

Here are a few photos; 
me and my step dad at the beach 

me, mum and nanny

we had ducks quack to let us know they were hungry eveyday lol 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Sorry, im so behind!

Sorry i haven't blogged in a while! I have actually been very busy for a lovely change :) On my last blog i wrote about how i was in A&E and had to stay in hospital for a few days.. well im pleased to say since then i have been doing really well!

On the 6th of March i was booked in for my first ever biopsy.. i wont lie i was dreading it! I have been getting very bad anxiety, and when i worry it gets worse, so as i was worrying about this i make myself feel so sick, and my mood changes, i become very quite and grumpy .. not fun for people around me! lol. So Thursday morning my Dad picked me up with my little brother, hes only 3 :) We got there and i had the usual tests done before i see the doc. Lungfuction, bloods and x-ray... had them all done then just had to wait to see my doctor. we got there at 9 and didn't get seen until half 11, but this was normal. I met a friend while we were there. Chantelle had her transplant almost 3 years ago now, shes doing well :) it was lovely to see her as i don't get to that often.

I got called in to see the drs, and at first me and my dad got a bit worried. He was asking me what antibiotics i have been on over the last two weeks, i told him i hadnt been on any...the he asked what had i been up too while looking puzzled?.. and i said iv now started college, im re doing my gcse's, i went on my first shopping trip since my transplant, 5 whole hours of walking around, iv been going to the gym..just doing so much more than i was 3 months ago. He then asked to listen to my chest..then he looked at my notes and said 'well...your doing really well' .. he sounded quite surprised!! haha. My lungfunction has gone up from 59% two weeks ago to 68% then and my weight was also up from 39kgs to 41kgs in two weeks!! ( i just cant stop eating!!) He said as i am doing so well he didn't want to do a biopsy, he explained that sometimes a biopsy can start an infection and as im doing well he doesn't want to risk it. He said i wont need another bronc or biopsy unless i feel unwell or my lungfucntions drops, they don't want to see my in clinic for another 4 weeks!! woo!!! My magnesium level is a tad low so on Wednesday i have to have a drip to pick that up.. its only over 2 hours which isn't to bad.

 Also today i had an interview with the BBC this time.. all about my transplant story. The lady who interviewed me was here for around two hours and when it went on the news they only showed a 5 second clip! haha. But it was good to get more awareness out. I also had a surprise of seeing some pictures of my friend on the news to and her mum, if you can remember i have spoke about a good friend of mine Clare, she passed away last April waiting for her lungs. It really upsets me that she never got her call in time. We had lots of plans to do together once we both had our op. I have a rose planted for her in my garden and it started to sprout this week, made me feel like she is looking over me.

My other good friend who i met via twitter, Stacie Pridden, you have heard me speak of her before, shes waiting for a heart and lung transplant... Well she was in cosmo magazine this month along with her twin sister. Stacie is the most bravest person i have ever met. Im so so proud of her. Before i met friends like Stacie and Clare..and others Chantelle, Eve & Gemma to name a few, i always told myself i didn't want to speak to other people like me, i didn't think it would help. But i have to say that was the most stupid thing i have ever thought. These people are the best people in my life, im so lucky and grateful to have them all in my life, they have all become such good friends of mine. Stacie especially, she is one of my best friends..i want her to get her call so so bad now. She deserves it so much! Please read her blog if you get a chance, ts so inspiring :) Stacies blog.

here are some pictures since iv been home..which is now 2 months!

 Me & my sister about to head of on our first shopping trip! (little double chin iv got going on lol)
 me, sister and brother (ethan & rheannon)
 me in my workout gear!! Starting to get some chub on me finally!! 
 yes i pose! .. im now a little blonder!
 my friend and her sister in cosmo this month!! go and buy!!
 me & ethan
me again! When i was away for a few days. 

Im now hoping to go away for a week this week :) nice little break from this town :) 

I wont leave it to long to blog next time..i promise! :)