Monday, 3 February 2014

No place like home

It has now been 3 weeks and 3 days since i was last on IVs! Woo!!

I have been enjoying myself at home so much :D I have been going to the gym, started driving again, playing with my little brothers, booked a few days away for middle of Feb, had a photo shoot & have been out for lunch too! Been a busy little bee..and i love it!

So after the first few days of being home i went to the gym with my sister and her boyfriend, we went in the afternoon so it wasn't to busy as im still not aloud to be in crowded places, it was really, i am only aloud to do cardio a the moment so i done 15 mins on the treadmill and 15 mins on the bike, and 5 mins on the ski machine..which just killed my legs!! was great! i wasn't breathless or struggling at all! :D im really enjoying going, and now my brother is starting to come with me as he wants to get fit as he wants to join the RAF :) So we are off there tonight! Iv also started to do a 30 day squat challenge.. im on day 2 today, im so unfit my legs just kill haha but im glad its my legs and not my chest! :D

Last Thursday i went for a bronc, but i had to go on my own as all my family couldnt get time i got a taxi there in the morning for 8,  and had my bronc at 2..i was very very nervous being on my own and it showed because when they gave me the sedation i fought them off so they couldnt put the camera down to my chest..ops! i didnt know i had done this until i woke up. Was so embarrassed! My step dad came to pick me up that evening when i was awake properly, we got home for about 7 so i was at hospital for 12 hours..thats a long time to be on your own there too! When i got home i felt awful, i went straight to bed without dinner, i coudnt face food i felt way to sick ( i didnt have any anti sickness either) i later got a temp and couldnt stop coughing, Of course i panicked like a mad a rang the hospital on the Saturday morning. They reassured me that it was normal and there was nothing to worry about but i just didnt like it. So they said they would see me on the monday for a clinic and bloods. My Dad took me this time, we got there for 10, had bloods ect and xray and everything was good! Even my lungfnction got to a high of 1.15! woo!!
I also asked for some anti sickness tablets as i just wasnt eating anything as i was feel to sick. Since starting them i havent stopped eating! I have also put on 2lb! woo!

I had a photoshoot done last Sunday, its for a calendar for Transplant, You can find us on Facebook for sneak peaks of each shoot .. Im January, the calendar is for 2015 :) Im not saying much about my shoot though as its a secret! hehe. It was alot of fun though and i got to meet Victoria who also had a transplant, we speak online so was nice to actually see her, she lives in Scotland so she came down just for the shoot! And also got to see another transplant friend Chantelle, we have meet before but haven't seen her in a long time :)

I decided i wanted to take a little trip somewhere, so i have booked a few days away with my brother Ethan, we both need a break and some relaxing time away..different scenery really. So we have a few days away in 15 days. Can not wait! :D I get to finally use my Ted Baker suitcase for something other than hospital!! YAY!!!

So today im off to the gym again and cooking dinner tonight! Im really loving Mexican food at the moment so tonight is fajitas and nachos!! :D

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