Sunday, 24 March 2013

Well these past two weeks have really been tough on me, mentally, emotionally & & my boyfriend are no longer together, people may want to ask why or wonder what happened but im afraid that is just between us,  but we had a great 3 and a half years together and have a gotten a great friendship out of it.

Im still waiting for the call to come, and waiting for an appointment from the transplant team to see them as iv been on the list 6 months now! wowzers thats gone fast! Health wise im okay at the mo, iv been off IVs for 6 days (which has been lovely) and have clinic tomorrow. I will be asking to go back on IVs though as i am really breathless, just walking around my room is making me quite short of breath. But im asking to do the IVs at home as i have my two besties home this week and want to see them as much as i can!

Iv been thinking about how im living at the mo, and i don't do much at all ... nothing!! I need to be making the most of my days i have out of hospital, i need to make a 'do more' plan and keep to it!

Plan one; Apply for a course, which i have done!! I got it through on Friday! So now i can have days i put aside for studying, to keep me busy and keep my mind active! lol

Plan two; Cook more... I never cook, ever! i cant im so bad, but i want to and iv been online looking at recipes to do... im liking the look of a Cherry Pie..this will be my first test lol

Plan three; Go out more, i do like to get out in my lovely car and drive to visit people, but im always in someones house, i need to get out and about! My bestie Stacey and i are planning to go Cambridge shopping next week and she is going to push me in my sexy wheel chair! lol

Plan Four; Pictures & scrapbooking! Iv got a brand new camera and a lovely scrap book i want to fill up! I want to take lots of photos of everyone and everything!

So with my course, cooking and getting out more i should keep myself busy!

Thank you for reading as always!

4,497 hours on the Transplant List

Monday, 18 March 2013

Well as some of you may know, iv come off Facebook for a while. Iv had something personal happen and I really can't deal with people asking questions and so on.... So I hope people have saved this link, you may share this on your Facebook I don't mind that!

I had clinic today, my infection level had been doing well, It's now 28, which isn't to bad for me. Iv lost 4lbs, but I knew I would as iv had a rough week. I'm now off ivs for a week too. So going to have a nice week getting out as much as I can :)

Iv just started a make up course too! Will keep me busy :)

Iv also been on the transplant list 6 months now!! No calls as of yet.

4,359 hours on the list.