Friday, 21 March 2014

My week away

Hello everyone, 

I had such a lovely week away with my family, me my gramps, nan and mum..and my step dad joined us at the weekend :) The weather was just perfect! We even managed to sit in a beer garden for a few hours on Sunday! 

The last time we was at my nan & gramps' caravan me my mum and nan were all in a wheelchair!! haha. Me because i couldn't walk far, nan for the same reason and my mum because she broke her ankle. And i haven't been able to walk around the caravan site in the 3 years they have had it. So it was so so great to be able to walk around it all, not being pushed at all! I was able to help out with making the beds, taking to bins out, washing up...just the normal stuff! Some of you may know my nanny isnt very well, she has lung cancer & it has slso spread to her head now. She was diagnosed 3 years ago. Her legs have been causing her problems lately so walking around the house is hard for her, BUT down the van she was walking loads, and she even made dinner for herself one night. She done really well down there. Very proud of her. So as she does so well down there just means we will have to go down there more often :P hehe. 

Oh i have also put on 5lb while we were down there!! I literally didn't stop eating haha. I had a fry up for breakfast everyday lol!! 

Here are a few photos; 
me and my step dad at the beach 

me, mum and nanny

we had ducks quack to let us know they were hungry eveyday lol 

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