Tuesday, 31 July 2012


So since being out two weeks now i got my date through for my Transplant assessment. The 28th-29th August!! :) I got booked in pretty quick. i was expecting to be waiting 2 months maybe more for it. Im not sure what to expect? I know iv got two whole days of tests being done, more bloods to be taken. But not sure on what the tests will be. One im dreading is having bloods taken from my wrist, iv been told it hurts quite a lot but i have got a tattoo on my wrist so i keep telling myself if i can have that done i can have some bloods done lol 

im excited to think if all goes well (touch wood) then hopefully September time i could be going on the Active list :D :D i get butterfly's every time i think about it! :) 

iv decided recently i want to be more fit and active, which is hard for me to do at the moment. Walking up the stairs is enough of a workout for me lol Im going to try out some Yoga to start with, its simple and slow so hopefully that will do me fine lol iv got a exercise bike at home but i can only do about 2-3 mins on it and when i get off im ready for a nap lol but im going to try more, some people i speak to with CF are complete fitness freaks (okay they have a much more better lungfunction than me)  but i want to do more. Also swimming, now iv put on more weight i feel more better about myself being in a swim suit. I wanna get in a pool and just swim for a bit, not over doing it but set myself a few targets to get to. So this is what im going to be aiming to do this month, get my body fit before transplant :) 

Nothing else really to report... I have been coughing a bit lately, so much so that im being sick due to coughing to hard. Iv been training myself how to cough slowly and less hard lol doesnt really work, think its all in my mind! 

Well thats all for now :) Will update again soon! thank you for reading..

im also having a play around with my blog, so thats the reason for it being a tad messy at the mo, will be updated and new soon :) x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Home Sweet Home

9 days done and I'm coming home :D yaaay! Iv put on more weight too :D I'm now at 48kgs :) so since 23rd April iv put on 9kgs which is 18lb :O wowzers!!! I feel so much better for it too, everyone has noticed :) iv gone from barely being a size 6 too being an 8 and even now I'm undoing my button on them, so I'm so happy about that. I'm still waiting to hear from Transplant, I think that will be a while before even getting a date let alone going formthe assessment. I'm quite annoyed too because me and a Cf friend both started going through this at the same time, I'm being assessed here at Pappy and shes gone to Harefeild. And she's now on the list. Keep thinking if iv made the right choice staying here. Other than me finishing IVs nothing has happened. Thankfully. :) Thanks for reading again xxx

Friday, 13 July 2012


Transplant.. How does it make you feel when you hear it.. Do you feel anything at all or is it just another word? For me hearing that little word gives me hope, makes me feel scared,happy,sad,excited. Scared- I feel so scared about having a transplant, iv heard so many different story's.. No ones story is ever the same. I tell myself not to read them so I don't have any ideas in my head but I can't help it, I read them then I can't stop thinking about it. One of the scary facts are 9/10 people don't make it through the op. That scares me. Happy- I'm happy that at the thought that I could have this op. I could have it done and be able to do things again.. I want to do things that you probably wouldn't even think of being hard to do. I want to go for a bike ride, I want to jump on my bed, I want to take my brothers to the park and run around with them instead of sitting on the bench watching them, I want to do loads of normal things with Ben, go on holidays and travel. This makes me happy thinking I could one day do these things again. Sad- I'm sad that I'm 21 and I have lots to deal with, but not just me for my family too.. They go through everything I do, and I feel horrible that they do. It's not fair that I'm only 21 and can't do things 21year olds should be doing. It makes me sad because I feel like I have so much life to live. I feel like I'm 21 stuck in an 80 year olds body. Excited- every now and then I get little shoots of excitement go through me. I know I can do this, I can go through everything, I feel string enough and brave enough to push through it all. I want to be on the list, and be well enough to get the call to have the op. I get excited when I think of getting that call. That call that will change my life. That's what I'm aiming for now. How does it make you feel? If you didn't know it's Transplant week & it's nearly over. Iv tried this week to get people to aware of Organ donation and iv tried to get people to sign up, I only know of one person that signed up. I'm happy with that though, that one person could help and make someones life. I had my Transplant appointment today, I'm a bit disappointed though. My doctor wasn't even there. I waited with my Gramps for 2 hours as this other doctor was running late, I saw him and he said I need to see the other dr! So hes booking me an appointment to see him and also have a few more tests done before I can go on the list. But after that hopefully il be able to go on, so I'm still aiming to be on the list this year. Fingers crossed!! Thank you for reading and if you would like to sign up https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/ukt/Consent.do?campaign=1160 click here to do it :) give the gift of life!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hotel Pappy, Room 15...

Well... Im back in hospital & back in the same room with the same horrible bed, I Came in yesterday afternoon, but I feel good :) weights still up, I have a BMI of 20 now :) much better than April time when it was 16. I can't complain to much about being in here tough, iv had nearly 8 weeks out and haven't had that long out since last June :) can tell the weight has helped with my infection levels :) my infection is up a little tho, it's 40 atm, but that's not to bad it's been way higher than that before. My lungfuntion last week was 17%... Im sure that's not right tho. I'm still walking around, and without oxygen most of the time too. The woman that helps with the blows was in a rush to get home and didn't let me have anymore goes on it, I'm sure I would of got it to at least 20 something. But il have another go when I'm in and I will take my time doing them :) And well the time is nearly here!! See my transplant team tomorrow to find out what's next for me, I'm so nervous but at the same time I'm excited too..there's just so many emotions going through me at the moment. My family have been through a lot this week, it's been a really hard time for us, my nan isn't well at the moment and she is in hospital, addenbrokes too, shame she's not in papworth and we cant go visit each other. Iv asked not to go on a drip this time round soni can go and see her as it's only over the road from me, well 20 mins away. So that's all at the moment, il write tomorrow if it all goes well and I'm in a good mood lol if not it might be a while... Fingers crossed!! :) Thank you for reading :) xx