Sunday, 13 April 2014

I want to live at privet drive

On Monday i went to the Harry Potter studios with my brother and sister.. it was amazing, i had been before but i swear it had got better the second time i went! i want to live there haha i so want to go to Harry Potter world in orlando!! Cant imagine how good it would be there! lol So grateful that i had the chance to do this again and walk around for that long after just months after my transplant and enjoy the day with my brother and sister. 

The place i wish i could live!

The second house i want haha. 

Diagon ally selfie

This weekend was great. I went out last night and had a few drinks...well one and a half haha. that was enough for me, i was 'merry' :) haha. Im really not used to drink, haven't had one in a good few years! I woke up with a sore head lol. but was a good night :) 

This weekend i have also applied for a course! I am now studying acrylic nails...I have already passed my nail tech and gel nail course, so im excited to start this one. I had to stop doing nail as the dust was effecting my chest, but my transplant team have said as my lungs are like anyone else's now they don't see why i cant do them again :) Yay!! :D Cant wait!! 

Today was also a good day! i played on my brother trampoline!! havent ben able to do that in about 5 youngest brother is 3 and his face when i said shall we play on it was a picture..he didnt know what was going on..and when we were jumping he said 'are you all better now' was lovely :) 

End of this month im off to london for a whole weekend! :D so excited! im staying with a friend there :) and we have tickets to see McBusted! we are so excited!! Have to say thanks to my mumma and Lawrance and everyone at ITN for getting them for us :D we will be doing alot of shopping in Oxford street too!! yay!!! 

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