Wednesday, 2 July 2014

fault in our stars

I just want to start by saying thank you for all the lovely messages you have sent me over these last few weeks, its been very difficult but we are a strong family.

Since my last clinic i have been very last clinic was now 5 weeks ago! i haven't done that long being from hospital in about 2 years!! I do have clinic tomorrow and il finally be asking about my donor.. im feeling very nervous about this but i do want to know about them, i think of them everyday so it would be nice to have some sort of idea who they were. I think its too soon to be writing to there family but in time i will.

Im also going to ask about when i can go on holidays too.. im not desperate to go away and im not going to put my body at risk if i cant. But my gramps has a place in turkey and he needs to go out there in a few months so going to see what they say.. there is also a few little places id like to go too but i can get to them by euro star or ferry.

Since my last blog i have read a book...yes an actual book!!

'The fault in our stars' 

My friend Stacie told me about it and said i should read it, but for ages i put it off because the story is about a girl with cancer and whos on oxygen all the time...i thought reading it would just depress me and bring it all back to me. But i read it any way... once i started it i couldn't put it down and read it in that day. It was so beautiful, i mean i cried and it broke my heart but i loved it at the same time. Some of the lines were exactly how i felt at times, i was reading it thinking how can someone who hasn't got a lung disease be so right on the things we go through. One line was 'im like a grenade' and i 100% agree with that, thats what i felt like at times. After reading this i went a saw the film, i sobbed the whole way through... its the most honest film iv ever seen about an illness, it doesn't hide or just show the girl wearing oxygen once or twice in the movie, she wore it the whole time, her clothes were to baggy for her, she struggled walking, she didn't want to eat and it just goes on.. i just really love it.

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