Sunday, 29 December 2013

I got my transplant!!!

This is my second attempt to write this blog, i deleted the last one by mistake!! lol Sooooooo.......

                                                I HAD MY TRANSPLANT!!!

Yay!! :D I had it 23 days ago now, so here is what happened -

I was already in papworth on day 10 on IVs as i normally do every 2 weeks, then on the 4th December at 3.30am a transplant nurse came in to wake me up, i was having such a good sleep lol then i heard ' Bernice, im from transplant, we may have lungs for you' straight away i was wide awake, i was shaking so bad, i couldnt even talk properly lol i rang everyone, text everyone then told facebook ect lol about an hour later all my family were with me, my mum dad step dad step mum gramps aunty brother and sister! lol the room was packed! I had ITV come in to interview me, and when they said the op was a go. I said my goodbyes to everyone, then me and my mum went down to theatre.. i was very nervous seeing all the surgeons getting ready.. i had to lay down on a table while they connected me to everything then they put a needle in me and started to give me the drug that puts me to sleep, i dont remember this but my mum said when i started to go to sleep i started to dance and said i want to party haha.

Next thing i know is im waking up with a tube in my throat, i couldn't talk.. and was very scared about having that tube in me, i had always got told i wouldn't remember it! It was horrible having it taken out, i needed to cough, i was gagging..just the worst! but as soon as it was out i could talk :) Then i was in ICU for 2-3 days, i didnt sleep at all those nights, i was really in agony... and there was so much noise! So over the next few days i got moved over to the normal ward - Mallard Ward. Before i went over i had to have two of my chest drains taken out.. i had gas and air.. it was awesome! haha it made me dance! i thought i was dancing to 'cazy in love' haha!! So i had 2 chest drains taken out and two more left in, i had my wrist needles taken out to, so i just had my neck line left in.

Here is a few pictures from the last 3 weeks, sorry there is only a few!

                                                me and Kath who had her transplant in september
                                                       me and my sister christmas day
                                                    me ethan and rheannon on christmas day!
                                                      my little blue book full of new meds
                                                    my new lungfuction kit, i have do everyday
                                                first time walking with my little brother
                                                        today with my own rosie cheeks
                                                                  All my tablets!!

I was aloud home christmas day! But they hospital didnt pack me any anti sickness so i was feeling sick and being sick most of the 3 on boxing day i had to go back to the hospital quite early :( but once i started having the anti sickness i felt so much better! and still feel better now. I do have an infection at the moment, so thats why im still in here, im on IVs still too. But they said all my bloods are looking good and my bronc from last week looks better from the weeks hopefully its going in the right direction :)

I will write more soon, there is just so much and seeing as its been 25 days and i hadnt updated you i thought id do a mini one :)

I would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken time out of there day to write to me, either if its via facebook, twitter or a card or letter though post, and the gifts really has been so overwhelming to see how many people actually care about me getting my transplant! :) So thank you all so so much!!

I got my transplant on day 446 of waiting :)