Thursday, 3 July 2014

a good day.

Well todays clinc is probably the best clinic iv ever had!! 

Me and gramps set off at 7 to try and be the first there (the earlier you get the the quicker you get out) but we were about the 3rd ones there, which still wasn't too bad. 

I had all my usal tests done, bloods, lungfunction and xray..i saw a friend there too so was nice to catch up with her and also i met a guy who had his transplant around the same time as me and i heard about him from nurses around the ward, so was nice to put a face to the name and have a little chat.

I saw my doctor about half 10-11 i think.. she said that she was very impressed with my lungfucntion, she said that if she hant met me or known about me by my readings and xray she would of never know i had a transplant! woo!! my lungfuction is now 90%! it hasn't been that high since i was around 9-10? maybe younger! So im so so happy about that!! 

I asked about me flying and holiday trips but she said as im doing so well she doesn't want to risk anything by going away earlier than i should...which is completely fair. I also found out about my donor today, was a bit nervous waiting to hear and was thinking if i am ready to find out but im glad i did, now i sort of have an idea of who they were. After clinic was all done me and gramps went for a pub lunch :) 

This week i have been working hard on my exercising which has really paid legs are killing though!! its strange but wonderful that its my legs stopping me from working out instead of my lungs..its a good feeling. 

so all in all today has been a good day! And to make it even better my sister got her apprenticeship she wanted in painting and decorating! 

Its nice having good days for a change..

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