Sunday, 23 February 2014

Last 3 weeks..

So this time 3 weeks ago i was in A&E with my mumma, i had not stopped being sick for 4 days, and hadn't eaten something in 5 days. I had a bronc on the Thursday so on the Wednesday i wasn't aloud to eat past midnight. The bronc day i was nervous as usual but when i got there a nurse told me i wasn't having it so i relaxed abit and got excited for lunch lol But when i went and saw the doctor he said i needed to have one. So i got all worked up again, they also asked if they could do a biopsy but me and my dad said no, we said that they couldnt just spring that on me, i needed time to let it sink in. So i was just having the bronc, they gave me a little tablet to calm me down too. This made me fall asleep when i got to my room. So i went down had my bronc and when i woke up i felt fine, wasn't feeling sick at all. Me and my dad drove home.. i was fine the whole way and we even went to sainsburys. That night i went to bed and had a bucket just in case i was sick. It got to about 12 and i was just sick, and couldnt stop. Then from then on every two hours i was being sick, i couldnt sleep, i couldnt drink or eat. It was horrible. This went on until Sunday, i rang papworth and they told me to go A&E for an anti-sickness injection. I really didnt want to go but i had too. My mum took me, we got there and my mum checked me in while i sat down, then i heard that the nurse started filling in a childs form for me..she thought i was 15!!! She was going to send me to the children's ward! lol. So i got seen pretty wuick and had a bag of fluids and some anti sickness through IV. I felt better straight away after the anti sickness. i did have anti sickness tablets at home but they just didnt work at all. They went on to say they wanted to keep me in over night, which i did. Then they next day they wanted an X-ray and more bloods ect. They admitted they never see lung transplant patients often and didnt know how to look after me, i kept telling them i was fine and i just came in cos i felt sick nothing to do with my chest. They said they spoke to papworth and pap wanted me to have IVs! i really didnt understand why and no one was telling me. So in the end i rang pap myself, they said that addenbrooks wanted me to have IVs not i was truely confused! They made me stay in another night.. i was so angry, cos i was feeling so much better, eating, drinking..i was back to normal! Then that night i had so so so many student drs come in to look me over. So now i understood why they were keeping me in another night, just so they could use me as a dummy. One student dr hurt me, she pushed down on my chest, it hurt very very badly. 

So i came home and since then have felt great! I cant stop eating.!! i have put on 2 kgs :) Thats all by myself no feeding through my peg at all :) My lungfuction is now 59%! its great compared to my 15% 3 weeks after transplant :) Gyming and walking everywhere is doing me great! :) 

I went away this week for a few days with my brother, we only went to ipswich on the quay, it was lovely..we done lots of walking and eating, just chilled out for 3 days :) Was great, even more so because i booked the trip away 3 -4 weeks ago and i didnt cancel because of hospital! Dont remember the last time i could plan stuff :) 

Last night i had a night with my bestie, we made our own mexican night :) was lovely to see her as she lives in london we dont see each other as often as we would like. But in April im going to stay with her for the weekend and we are going to see McBusted! woo! :D 

I woke up this morning to a friend having had her call for her new lungs! She has only been on the list 17 days! how amazing :D shes still in theatre now, i will let you know more about her as i do :) Now as im writing this i am so so happy for my friend, but at the same time im upset that my other friend hasn't had her call yet. As you may remember i have spoke Stacie, she has been wait 22 months now. We just dont know why its taking so long!! lol. She is going through a hard time at the moment so please send her well wishes and happy thoughts :)  If you did want to do anything to help out you could sign up to be a donor :) Be brave like my donor! 

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