Thursday, 3 October 2013

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone!

First thing is about my fiend Kath ( on the left) Had her heart and Lung transplant on Monday!! After just over two years of waiting!! yay!! She has an incredible blog if you wanted to read something different from mine! Shes so lovely and writes so so well. Click here for here blog :) She is still sedated at the moment but i think he husband Rob said they are waking her today! Cant wait to hear from here & hopefully see her as im staying here at papworth at the mo!

So me, im still waiting for mine! haven't had any calls still, but after hearing about Kath I am hopeful. It will come soon!

As i said i am in hospital, but im not feeling to bad! My infection level was only 71! that's really not to bad for me, considering id been off IVs for 2 weeks. BUT i have lost a heck of a lot of weight, in the last 6 months iv lost a stone :( I look and feel awful! But while im in here im going to sort that out! I'm not leaving here without some chub on me!!

My oxygen levels have dropped a little again, they now sit around 80-83%.. (good sats are between 95-100%) so they are quite low and i need to be having some oxygen while just sitting here now, which i hate as I don't feel breathless at all.

Its now coming into winter time!! I love the Christmas time so im so excited already, the only part i hate is how everyone is ill! This time of year gets harder for me to see people as they all have colds ect which i cant be around, i have the flu jab booked for when i get home ( i will get a little cold from that) but im hoping that's the only cold i get this winter! Iv just brought a new lovely coat ready, got a new beanie hat and now just need scarf and gloves and il be set! :D

thank you for reading this small update, will update you all on Kath as much as i can :)

9,065 hours
377 days
on the transplant list

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