Thursday, 26 September 2013

Im sad.

So lately iv been feeling very low and im finding it hard to snap out of. I see friends or people i went to school with moving on with there lives, getting houses, getting engaged, having baby's and getting really good jobs. Don't get me wrong im so happy for them all. But its making me feel really sad that all im doing with my life is watching repeats of the Big Bang Theory all day lol. This week iv been feeling crap, feeling so sick. Not eating much and this has brought family to tell me i look like a skeleton and im 'killing myself'. This has upset me deeply, i know they care about me and they say stuff like that to make me eat, but they really don't understand that when i feel this sick i really cant eat. Its not like im doing it on purpose. Of course i want to eat, when im hungry i love my food. Its so hard for me to always be hungry. All these antibiotics im on make me feel terrible (while trying to make me feel better) lol. Grrr. I was meant to go out today but now my confidence has been shot down, i really don't want to leave my house. I have been crying all morning. Think i should just go back to bed until tomorrow lol

This was just a 'get it of my chest blog' nothing really to report on my chest. Im still off IVs (day 10) but do feel like i need them now. I would ring my hospital Monday but i was told they are to busy to see me if i feel ill in the week so i have to wait until next Monday.

8,902 hours
370 days
On the transplant list

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