Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tom Hardy eat your heart out

Well its now day 14 and no sign of going home yet. Waaaa!
a few months ago if you can remember a blog post i wrote about me getting headaches when i wake up? Well its being happening alot more often now, i had one almost everyday since being in Pap. Its the worst pain, it hurts all around my head, I cant move my neck and feel very sick so i cant move. It isn't nice waking up to this..I actually dread going got sleep now. So i told my doctors this and they want me to try something called the 'Nippy' .. now im still not 100% on how it works, but this is what they said to me today;

  • It will get rid of my headaches
  • Will improve my breathing in the day time
  • Some people have gone on for 5+ years from the benefit of it
  • It will keep me stable
So these are good points about it, i am happy to try it out now..When they mentioned it to me before i said no, only because it means another thing, another bit of equipment, another thing to add to my list. But its for the good, i just have to concentrate on Transplant and do anything to help me stay on the list and remember i have to keep fit and ready for when the call comes. As they want me to try out this Nippy iv got to stay here until im comfortable to go home with it, they cant try it out on me until tomorrow evening, and then a few days after that to get me used to it. So hopefully next week i will be home! I miss my bedroom, my brothers and sister...well all my family! lol Hoping the doctors will let me go home for the day Saturday :) 

So i wrote this yesterday but couldn't post it as i had no internet signal.. Today i have tried the Nippy! Its so easy, nothing like i imagined, although i do look a little like Tom Hardy in Batman haha, but of course i look better! They want me to have a nap now and try it out...getting me to nap, well if i have to i suppose i will :P hehe xx

9,719 hours
404 days 
on the transplant list 

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