Monday, 7 October 2013

So close!!

So i just had a chat with one of my transplant co-ordinators, and its made me feel SO much better! On Friday i wanted to see someone to ask why im waiting for heart and lung when alot of people i know who have had there transplant were just double lung & if waiting for lung would mean i get them quicker. So i spoke to him this morning and he said im waiting for heart and lung because im so tiny, as soon as he said that i remembered the convo we had about this just over a year ago, so as im so tiny the op would be better for my recovery if i have both but then he said as my heart if healthy and nothing wrong with it, if just lungs came available and were good to go i would have them :) so this made me feel better.

THEN he went on to tell me that last Wednesday around 3am a set of heart and lungs became available for me, but as i was already in hospital they didn't want to get me up and rush about until they knew if i was going to have them, unfortunately during there tests they said they weren't good enough. But this has made me feel loads better knowing this!! Iv now been on the list 13 months and just hearing that i almost had a match is good enough for me as i was starting to feel like maybe they had forgot about me! lol They said they were talking about me last week in the early hours when they found out about those lungs so its nice to know im not forgotten :)

Im still in pappy and iv put on a lovely 6lb in a week :) my jeans fit me again! Woo! i think il be in for one more week if all goes well :) im off home for the afternoon today as its my dads birthday, so cant wait to see everyone!

9,161 hours
381 days
on the transplant list

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