Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ambulance call & Back in Papworth.

So as some of you may have already read on my Facebook, i had to call an ambulance on Tuesday night.I was round my dads with my brother, my dad was at work and was coming home around 9oclock. About 7 i ran out of oxygen so for 2and a bit hours i was out of oxygen..i had a very bad headache in that time, and pain down the back of my neck. My dad came home, we had a cuddle then i stood to get up to go home and then i couldn't breathe and my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest. I started to panic that i was going to have a panic attack and i had no oxygen to help me... so i told my dad to ring for an ambulance, the first response man came out and he got to me in seconds! Was so fast and a really nice man (even if he did tell my dad to turn the football off hehe) He checked my oxygen levels and they were 77% he put me on my normal 2lts of oxygen and checked all the normal things like blood pressure, my sugar levels and temp..they were all good. after about 15 mins my o2 levels started to come back up, the highest they got to was 85%. The ambulance man took me home, and i was just worrying all night. I put my oxygen to 3lts and went to bed, but i was up all night worrying, crying, i was just to scared to go to sleep. after about 2 hours my o2 levels got up to 90%..this worried me still because normally i am at 90% on 2lts so it was taking a whole other litre of oxygen to get them steady. I have been very breathless since coming home Friday, i keep blaming ti on the weather but maybe i have a (sorry for the grossness) mucus plug on my chest, so hopefully my xray later will just show that..praying its nothing more! I had some physio last night and it did hepl so hopefully just more of that will help and get me back to normal. I hate being breathless, its hard for me to even walk to my bathroom from my bedroom, and it isn't far.

So im back in Papworth.. got here last night, im going to see if they have anything to help with my anxiety, i feel like thats getting worse.

Hope my call comes asap now!!

9,402 hours
391 days
On the transplant list

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