Friday, 18 October 2013

Silly me

Okay so now im thinking maybe i panicked alot Tuesday night when i called an ambulance. I did need to call them out as i was starting to have a panic attack and i didn't have any oxygen, but that was my fault. I should of worked out how much i needed and brought more with me, that was silly of me so iv learned from my mistake. I now can not go without oxygen, im having it 24/7.. yesterday I had an xray and just walking from my bed to the wheelchair made me breathless and that was only a few steps away.

The X-Ray came back saying that there was no change! woo! I am so pleased!! Also my infection levels came back and there 13!! wowzers, AND i managed to do a 15 minute walk this afternoon, and a work out on my legs..feeling pretty pleased with myself as my oxygen levels only dropped to 84% while walking, when on Tuesday they were at that while sitting, my oxygen while sitting now is at 94%! yay! Im on 3lts of oxygen while sitting but they said hopefully if i improve we can see about changing it down.

So iv had my IVs changed, i think il be in here for a week or so, in the mean time im going to do swalking a couple of times a day and my leg workout and next week they are getting me some little weights for my arm workouts :)

9,434 hours
393 days
on the transplant list

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