Thursday, 10 October 2013

Transplant seems to be in the air!

Its been a crazy week on the Transplant front- first Kath get hers (shes doing well, now out of ICU) then i get told that I almost had lungs and then yesterday my friend Stacie had a false alarm!! Heres her blog ... Its so strange that all 3 of us are waiting for both heart and lungs & all three of had a call last week. Crazy! Stacie has been waiting 17 months and Kath waited two years, im now in my 13th month of waiting...So we have done our time i reckon lol

Good news is my weight is still going up! i was 39kgs when i came in last week and now im 44.5kgs (the point 5 matters lol) that's 13lb in one week! .... i have been eating like crazy, doing my feeds through my PEG none stop every night.. i feel so much better for it, and my jeans fit properly again! about 2 weeks ago they were so baggy on me, i didn't even want to get dressed so i just lived in pjs for a while, but now i feel great :)

I saw my doctor yesterday and she said my weight gain is 'spectacular' and all my blood work looks really good! YAY! I'm allowed to be set free on Friday, cant wait as i have plans to see my besties on Saturday night :)  She did say that she wants me to use my oxygen more in the day, as when im off it my oxygen levels drop to around 83%, and she wants it to be over 90%. She explained that if just lungs became available but my heart was to weak because of the strain i am putting on it while being off o2 they would say i couldnt have them, so to be the best for all (lungs and heart and lungs) it would be best to just wear it more. (i hope all that made sence lol)

So plan is home Friday, ON ivs but i don't mind..and clinic in 9 days which gives me a lovely break to be at home :)

9,232 hours
384 days
on the transplant list

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