Friday, 2 August 2013

Blog from Pappy!

Hello from Pappy!

I had clinic Monday and the plan was to come off IVs but as my bloods last week said my infection level was 88 they wanted to do some more bloods just to see how it was. They took my port needle out and i went home, planned my whole week out, had lots of lovely little plans then planned to go away at the weekend with my nan and gramps and brother Ethan to the caravan. But Tuesday morning hospital rang and said my infection level was 104!! So they had a room ready for me and wanted me in asap. So i packed and my dad brought me in. My infection level now is 84 so its on its way down. They said my x-ray was fine and no change so thats good, and they want to keep me in over the weekend and see how i am Monday. 

Today was my Transplant review as iv now been on the list 10months and 15 days! They were happy with me, didnt say much other than they are surprised i haven't had any calls yet! They said my height and blood type are statistically the best to match. So whats the hold up hay? haha. I said could it be my anti-bodies as there 50%. But the consultant said that means out of 4 donors 2 would be a match for me, so thats still good. So i just gotta sit and wait and hope my call comes soon :) keeping everything crossed! Coming up to a year on the list its gone so quickly and so much has changed in that year, that will be a good blog lol

7,638 hours on the list 

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