Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I need a rant..

Im going home! :D Yaaaay!

Iv done a week in here, which feels more like 3. This hospital stay has been the most slowest, boring, annoying stay iv had in quite a while, as iv been on a different ward to what im normally on. The nurses on this ward just don't know me, and they don't seem to like to have a joke or laugh lol Im so glad today is my last day, heres  my little rant - The nurses here have done my head in this morning. They woke me up to take bloods (they took bloods yesterday but some how forgot these 3 bottles) So they put on the big light woke me up and took my blood, i had a head ache, and they took my blood pressure which was low (because i had just woke up) so they started panicking! 'your meant to be going home today but your ill' I kept telling them im not ill i just have a head ache. Then because i hadnt been for a wee in the time i woke up to have my blood pressure taken obviously something was wrong with my bladder! haha ridiculous! So then they got my dr to see me as im 'ill' but we just laughed, thankfully someone around here still knows how to do that. So yes im so so glad im going home! Got some lovely plans too! :)

7,731 Hours on the list

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