Friday, 16 August 2013

Fancy new blog!

Hello everyone!

As you may notice i have a shiny new design on my blog..if your on your ipad, computer you will be able to see it better :) A lovely lady designed it for me, i love it!

On Wednesday afternoon my phone starting ringing showing up as 'unknown' so of course my first thought is transplant, i answered the phone and they said 'Hi im from papworth' i got all butterflys in my stomach thinking they was going to say they had lungs for me, but they went on to tell me that ITN had been in contact with them and wanted to do a follow up interview on me as it had been 6 months since the last time i saw them... of course i said yes! I loved doing it last time and would love to do it again, they said id have to go to Papworth on Thursday for the interview. So Thursday came and me and my sister Rheannon drove up to pappy, they wanted to do the interview outside as it was a lovely sunny day. Got my wheelchair out and Rheannon pushed me to go meet them, they were all so nice it was lovely to see them again. We done the pre recorded bit for the 6:30 news, then Lawrence ( the nice man who was interviewing me) asked if i would do a short interview live at lunch time, which i was more than happy to do :) I wasn't even nervous, i loved every minute of it! I did cough will it was live, i tried to hold it in but i just couldn't..but in a way im glad i did cough, it got people to see the real side of CF.  Since it all being aired yesterday iv had ALOT of messages from people i don't even know, its so lovely that they have taken time out of their day to write to me, someone even from Austria! Crazy! so thank you all, and thank everyone else for your continued support! :)

Now this has happened a few times, people keep asking me when my transplant is happening and if iv heard anything from them. How it works is im on the list, i wont hear anything from them until its my actual call. I don't know nor does the hospital when il get my call, it could be any day, month, year..any time of day! So im afraid that's how it works, but as soon as i know you will know trust me :)

In myself im doing okay, still on IVs..iv not been feeling great today though had a bad belly so been in bed all day, but im making myself get up and about tomorrow :)

Also if you do have an iLIVEiGIVE top please take a picture of yourself wearing it so i can put you on my fancy new blog! :)

Been on the transplant list -
7,981 hours
332 days


  1. this just breaks my heart to hear - i found your blog from little ol Chels! she did a great job designing your blog! excited to be your newest follower...come say hi if you want!

  2. Hello! she did a wonderful job didnt she :) im so pleased with it! Thank you :) xxx