Tuesday, 13 August 2013

6th week.

Hello all!

Iv been home on IVs a week now, had a nice few days away at my nans and gramps caravan, which was lovely. But now im home and back to the old routine, and my nan and gramps are still away so i have my sweet brother helping me out at home this week. I had clinic yesterday, i was hoping to come off my IVs for a little while as iv been on them 5 weeks now, but no as i had alot of crackles yesterday (all on my right side) they want to keep me on them. So im now on my 6th week! 2 IVs 3 times a day, which isn't so bad really, last week it was 4 times a day and they were all drips that took half hour to go through, so i cant really complain.

Last night i had quite alot of pain in the bottom of my back, it hurt to walk and it was making my limp! Even laying in bed it hurt, i couldn't turn over without shooting pain. I had to ask my mum and brother if it could be possible that i could of broke a bone there, i don't know how i could of but because i have weak bones its a possibility! But luckily today the pain isn't too bad. So phew!

If your on my Facebook you will of seen post about an online friend, you also may of heard of her as shes been on the telly alot- Kirstie Tancock, two years ago she had a lung transplant but a few months ago she got chronic rejection and was told she had weeks to live, she also got told she couldn't be re-listed for another transplant, BUT a miracle happened and within hours of being told this she got a set of lungs, she had her second transplant Saturday and has been up walking a little already, if you want to read her blog and updates from her husband click here.

Nothing else to report other than feeling a little down lately, my mood has changed and im just not feeling great in myself, not up for doing anything. Just feeling very sad. But im sure in a few days il be back to my normal self :)

7,905 hours on the list


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  2. When I walk my dog, every day we meet this nice old lady with the sad eyes. She smiles. But she looks like she just cried for years. I've noticed something about her recently; she smells of wood and sawdust. I was wondering why an old lady would smell like a work shop but never asked.
    I think I know what she's doing anyways. Sometimes you have to build an ark so you won't drown in all the tears and the shit lofe throws at you.

    When I saw you on the telly today, saw your eyes, heard your voice, I thought: "that girl right there is an ark. That girl won't drown! That girl can save eterbal souls just by appearing on the news"....

    Some people build arks, some people are arks. Others just sit in an ocean of tears, waiting to be saved.

    You, Bernice, are an ark.

    Cheers from Austria