Saturday, 6 July 2013

3 weeks and 1 day.

Well iv done it! Iv been out of hospital 3 weeks and 1 day AND iv been off IVs for 13 days :D woohoo!! I haven't been this long without IVs in over a year! :D im so happy :)

Iv been doing well while iv been at home, doing everything im supposed to be doing, walking, not much but as much as i can without a wheelchair. Walking up and down the stairs too, i see that as my exercise walking up and down them a few time a day. Although the other day without even thinkijng of my chest, i RAN up the stairs!! I got to the top and was like 'what did i do that for!!' My chest hasnt seemed to tell my legs i can run anymore lol opsie!

I was also on the ITV anglia news last week for CF week, help raising awareness and get more people to sign up to be an Organ donor :) i think i done quite well and had some people message me telling me that they have now signed up! So i see that as a job well done! Heres a link to the online interview if you missed it

Last night while i was sleeping my oxygen came off from the middle of the line, so i didnt notice until i woke up that i was asleep without it. So i woke with a banging head ache, and very breathless. I came down staires done all my meds then went back to bed for a little bit WITH my oxygen on this time, im now feeling a little better, so iv told myself to get up and get ready go and sit in the lovely weather and then watch the tennis! :) I have Clinic Monday and i will ask to go on IVs , hopefully i can do them at home!

Its also Transplant Week next week, so be sure to help me in getting people to sign up to be a Donor! You can order these tops

from here for free as long as you post a pic of yourself wearing it!! :D 

On Tuesday iv been invited to a little transplant event at papworth, i will be going and meeting up with some friends i have made via online, cant wait to see them :) Kath & Rob and also Stacie!! :D see you sooon!! 

6,989 Hours on the transplant list 

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