Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Keep a weight diary...

So iv been thinking about keeping a weight diary for a week, to see my progress (if any) and you can too.
Il start today with my weight how it is, iv lost alot again :( Il keep track of what im eating and how many calories i have in each day. This will also let people see, hopefully, a little bit of what its like to be in my shoes for a little bit.

Right today my weight is a terrible 40.8kg - Im supposed to be having around 4000 calories a day.
I have some jeans on at the moment that are a size 6 and are far to baggy on me. And my skinny yukky arms. I really hate it, make me want to cry. Iv taken pics so they can hopefully be my before and after pics :)

Eugh they look rank! haha

My weight is a big part of my life so this is a big thing that im letting you in on :) Hopefully this time next week il be a little porker :P

7,085 hours on the transplant list.

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