Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rude people!

Iv been out of hospital 9 days... and still feeling good! Chest has been very good this week and well behaved :) This new physio machine is the best bit of physio iv had in ages! its helped loads :)

This week iv had a comment about me walking, and someone has said they think i put on how far i cant walk and i lie about it. I was not very happy about this as you can imagine. I want to clear things up for those people out there that think that i do lie about the distance i can walk.... When im well i can walk, but i still get out of breath and need to take a break. After a few years of doing this i have taught myself how to get my breath back without looking like i am... so it may look like im fine but i am not trust me. I just think its so rude of this person to say this to me.

Any way i am fine and can walk small amounts...i do use a wheel chair cos i don't want to over work myself and me end up feeling rough for days after.

Been on the transplants list 6,673 hours.

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