Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rough few days

SO as you may have seen on Thursday i was a bit unwell, i had woke up that morning feeling quite chesty. I was coughing alot but nothing was moving on my chest which made me feel worse, i just felt so clogged up, like i was drowning. Even phsyio didn't help. Around 3ish i had a little snooze and when i woke up about an hour later i had a big cough, finally it moved and came up (gross sorry lol) But it wasn't my normally yucky stuff, it was blood. Panic mood set off and i was ringing my buzzer for a nurse, she came and i explained what happened,& she got a dr to see me. I was surprised as my doc took a look and said 'oh well that's not much' she put me on a drip to help thicken the blood the stop me from coughing it up. She said this could of happened because my lungs were inflamed due to infection, and where my lungs were pressing against my ribs it burst a blood vessel. So as they were inflamed she wanted to change my IVs around, my infection level only came back as 39 which to be honest wasn't bad, i was expecting, and so was she, it to be well over 100! So that was good, my dad, step mum, brother and sister came to see me that night as i was a little worried. On the Friday i felt so so rough, i normally do after a bleed. My temp was 38.9 but i was so cold! i had 3 blankets on and a hoodie. My oxygen levels were 89% on 2 litres of o2, they are normally 89% without oxygen! so they put me up to 4 litres and i had to be on it all day.

I slept most of the day. Then in the evening i had a bad belly, was horrible pain and feeling so so sick. I saw the doctor again and she said it sounds like a sickness bug, i thought great just what i need. But she stopped my Ivs while i was feeling this way and straight away i felt much better! So they decided it was a certain IV making my belly bad. On the Saturday morning i still felt rough, i was still in bed at half 12 not wanting to move. But i knew if i had a shower i would feel better, i just didn't have to energy to get up. But i knew if  my mum was nagging at me to do it i would, so i text her and actually asked her to nag at me until i was showered and dressed! haha, it worked, i had a shower, washed my skank of a hair, and got dressed. My dad and step mum was coming up to visit and bringing me new clothes, so when they arrived i got dressed and we went over to the pond and green area for a bit, it was nice to get fresh air, i hadn't been out my room in over a week! We played bat and ball, which i actually played and yes i did manage to hit the ball! lol. We then fed the ducks, well my little brothers did, im scared of ducks lol then we went over the canteen for a drink, was really nice to get out and i felt 100x better for it! And today im off my oxygen, feeling good, back having physio and no signs off blood :) (touch wood!)

Still not sure how long they will want to keep me in, it will be 2 weeks on Thursday so we shall see!

8,358 Hours
348 Days
On the transplant list

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