Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Headaches & no sleep..

For the past five days now iv had a constant headache. It feels like a balloon is inside my head, full of tension, hurts to move, hurts to watch telly, and even eating it hurts. So im well and truly fed up lol its no fun, when i cant watch tell or read to pass the time, im very bored, i try to sleep but the nurse dont like me sleeping! They always wake me up and tell me the time, they are obsessed with letting me know what the time is! 'Bernice its 4 o clock, should you be sleeping' Yes!!! Im in hospital! what do they want me to do go for a run?!?! haha me moaning again!

So anyway if my bloods come back lower than 53 tomorrow i can go home Friday! YAY! Cant wait to finally sleep in my own bed! iv not been sleeping well here at all, i get to 3am before im finally drifting off then they wake me at 6 for IVs, then at 7 for blood pressure and sats then at 8 to see if i want a drink or to make my bed! They actually woke me up the other morning to make my bed! lol Safe to say i do not like it here on Princess ward.

My weights gone up a little, 4lbs in two weeks isnt to bad :)

Hopefully next blog will be from home!! woo!

8,432 hours
351 days
on the transplant list

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