Friday, 20 September 2013

One Year later.

Well today is officially a whole year since being put on the Transplant list. When i think back to how i was last year compared to now im not sure how much has changed. Within my life outside of CF it has changed alot, im no longer with Ben any more. I have a now have a beautiful godson, and iv lost a close friend to Cf.

There has obviously been alot more things that have happened in the year but them 3 are the 3 main things that stand out to me. It was a sad time for me when me and Ben broke up. But we still talk and it was for the best. My cousin has made me Godmother to his beautiful little boy, i am so so touched that they asked me, it means the world to me :) And then my friend Clare passed away, that was really tough for me. We used to talk almost everyday, we were always in hospital together but because of different bugs we had we could never meet up. So we planned to meet up once we both had our transplants, we said we would shop and shop  and eat loads of sushi! I brought a lovely rose bush for my garden in memory of her, its beautiful just as she was.

In my CF self, i have changed as i need oxygen alot more, and i use my wheelchair alot more now too. I don't do my lungfuction any more as im scared of what it will be. But last time i done it it was 22% and that was on last December. But now they just go by what my infection level is to see how i am. I am on more IVs, i have only just come off IVs and i was on them 10 weeks. So i am getting more infections.

But really if i had to look at picture of me from last year to now i dont look any different! mabe i was a little chubbier, but i will always struggle with my weight. Its like a yo-yo! Does my head in, why cant there be a fat transplant! haha.

So as i said earlier i am now off ivs, woo! Its nice to have a break, although i am pretty breathless atm, and because im so stubbon i dont like using oxygen 24/7. But i checked my oxygen level today and it was 79% (above 95% is where it should be) So iv given in and put my oxygen on.

Iv got clinic on Monday and think il be back on IVs but im okay with that, iv had a nice week off. With alot of back pain though! Couldn't walk or sit up straight it hurt that bad, but my wonderful mumma came and rubbed my back and also my Nan (even in her bad condition) rubs my back as well.

I have a fancy dress party tomorrow and im living out my dream of becoming a real Princess!! Im going as Belle from beauty and the beast :D So im looking forward to that, as im off IVs i may have a sneaky drink as well :P hehe.

Thank you for all your lovely messages, you all cheer me up. Oh also the iLiveiGive tops are going to start charging now, which i think is a great idea as it will raise alot of money!

thanks for reading everyone!

8,761 hours
365 days
on the Transplant list

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  1. Hi girl! I just wanted to say to stay strong and believe in life, you are beautiful. <3 x