Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Back in again!

As you may know im back in Papworth, Boooo!! I went home on the 25th, and by the 29th i had to ring to ask to come back in :( I was feeling terrible, i couldnt even move without having a full blown coughing fit, i was actually quite scared. I had to keep distracting myself with the telly. I only had my younger brother with me, he was amazing and looked after me the whole time i was home, my mum was in hospital as she broke her ankle and my nan and gramps were away at their caravan, So it was just me and my brother almost all week. I had a panic attack in the week while i was at hoe, not sure what brought it on but it lasted almost a whole hour, it was very scary but again my Brother Ethan was there for me and helped me so much.

So i rang the hospital on Wednesday evening on the off chance that i would speak to a on call doctor as it was late i thought my drs would be at home but my main dr answered the phone to me, so i told how i was feeling and he asked me to come in the next day. Which i did, on the way i stopped off at my mums hospital so see her then my step dad and brother took me to pappy. My infection level was only 54... i say only cos i expected it to be way ver 100 from the way i was feeling! But after only 5 days im feeling so much better! Its either the IVs or (i think) the fact i have only been drinking orange juice (lots of vit C) hehe.

My infection level has gone down a little, and iv put on 4lb over the weekend :) I think il be in for the full 2 weeks. have a good rest and top up! Im aloud out for the day Saturday for my little brother Liam and my sister Rheannons joint birthday BBQ party :)

6,220 hours on the Transplant list

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