Thursday, 13 June 2013

I wanna come home!

Iv now been in hospital 2 weeks, its been sooooo boring !! Doctors have said there happy with me, i have good air entry all over which is good to hear! They said i can go home tomorrow if my bloods come back good today.... So fingers crossed for me!

Im looking forward to going home, missed my nan and gramps so much...and now my mum is living at home with us for a little while as she has broken her ankle badly and as we have the stair lift at home its easier for her to go up and now on that. So cant wait to spend some time with mum too :) 

Not much to report on Chest wise...Il be going home on IVs as they don't want me to come off them now, which i agree is a good idea, this way i can be home longer than 4 days without coming back in. Hopefully!

Il let you know how my bloods are and if im coming home tomorrow! 

6,433 Hours on the Transplant list

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