Sunday, 14 April 2013

Well iv been in hospital a week and a day now, its gone so slow too!

The nurses have been quite worried about me, they keep asking if iv given up cos of my mood. But i most defiantly haven't ! Iv just had a few rough weeks but im starting to feel alot better... They sent me to see a some one to talk to about my feeling ect (cant remember what there called lol) Speaking to her has helped and she has advised me to go on some tablets to help me. I dont want to be on the full time but maybe just to get me out of this rut. So iv been on them about 5 days now.

Earlier this week i had a reaction to a new anti sickness med. I was feeling so sick from all the IVs iv been having, and due to this i wasnt eating or doing my feed. so my normal anti sickness wasn't working so they gave me a new one and it effected me so quickly before the nurse had even finish pushing it all in me i went all light headed and couldn't talk, my mouth felt like it was so stiff and i just couldn't open my jaw, then my arms went heavy and dead and i couldn't move them... Luckily the dr was doing his ward rounds at this time and came in when all this happened so they stopped it straight away and changed all my IVs. So now i feel loads better, not feeling sick and now i can eat again!! I celebrated with a domino's last night! Hehe

One of my very good friends Clare is in Papworth at the moment and Shes not very well at all. Shes now been in here 12 weeks, she had the Flu and its knocked her back quite abit, could you all keep her in your thoughts and pray that her new lungs come up asap!! Shes only 3 doors down from me and i cant even go see her.. makes me sad i want to give her a big hug!

4,995 Hours on the transplant list

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