Monday, 22 April 2013

Last time i wrote about my friend Clare, saying she was very poorly and needed her call for transplant soon as possible. Im sad to say that she passed away last Monday. She was a very strong brave lady, her call didnt come in time and this makes me so upset. We talked about what we do when we both have our new lungs.. we was going to go shopping for hours with out coughing and eat loads and loads of sushi. Her funeral is on the 3rd of May but i wont be going as other people with CF will be going and i don't want to infect others with my stupid bugs, so iv decided im going to plant a flower in my garden for her. Im going to get some 'forget me nots' lovely and blue for her.

Me and my family went away this weekend to my Nan & Gramps caravan in Great Yarmouth, was so nice to get away and just forget things for a while.

Today i had clinic and im now off IVs, Yay! Im having a week break then going back on them next Monday...Nice to have a break as im very busy this week too! I cant remember if i wrote in my last blog that i spoke to someone about how im feeling, and we have both said that i have been very low recently, im now on some tablets to help and i think they have made such a difference. I do feel MUCH better in myself now. Making lots of plans for weeks ahead, which i wouldn't normally do. This Friday i have my step sisters wedding so im looking forward to that, then me and my brother have an exciting day planned for Saturday! Cant wait! Then next week is my birthday and my godchild is being born!! Sooooo excited!!!

I have my Transplant Clinic this Friday, as iv now been on the list 7 months, so il post how that goes after, thank you for reading again!

5,192 Hours on the Transplant list

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