Sunday, 28 April 2013

Transplant Clinic

I had my transplant clinic Friday morning, was a little nervous as my weight is down ALOT and thought they might take me off the list until it improves. So my Dad came with me, my appointment was at 11:30 we got there in time, but as i had to walk up hill to the waiting room, i got very very breathless! had to use my oxygen and have a sit down on a bench outside (in the pouring rain!!!) once i was okay i walked to the clinic, and checked in, met my online friends, Kath & Rob, who i started talking too as we were both on ITV news being interviewed. Kath is waiting for her transplant too, but has been waiting much much longer than me (over 500 days). Such a lovely couple, and i hope her call comes soon!!

Me and my dad saw a new consultant, so was nice to meet her she was lovely, but i cant remember her name! lol She seemed happy with me and said that i seem to be handling things well, ie my ivs and not having alot of time off them. This is the first time my dad had been to the transplant clinic so she went through everything with him and answered all of his questions, which i had forgotten some things so i was a little shocked again. The main thing that i didnt like was she told us that the lungs they would be coming from because of my size would be a child. I didnt like the sound of that. I felt so bad. That a child has to die for me to live. I know i shouldnt think of it that way, but i cant help it. She looked at my X-ray and i have some scaring on my top right lung, which she said could be hard to get out. That also scared me a little, but i have faith in all the surgeons there!

Later that day i had my step- sisters wedding to go to, which i was a bit nervous for as i had to drive there in the pouring rain. It was in Braintee, and id never driven there before either. So i would of had to follow a sat nav, which again iv never done before. So as i was really an nervous wreck my dad offered to take me! And also drive home from the hospital for me too, so i rang up my insurance company and got him insured on my Audi, was easy peasy!

I had such a lovely night at the wedding, cried a lot too, and my stepbrother proposed to his girlfriend too! Was an emotional day lol here are some pics
                                                                   Me and my step sister jas
                                                              me & my brother and sister
                                                                        me and rheannon

                                                             ethan in our premier inn room
                                                    i was vey excited to stay in a premier inn! haha

                                                           jasmin and my step dad
                                                          my step dad, jas & my mumma

me and ethan
my wedding outfit! 

Had such a lovely day! 

Iv been feeling a little rough since coming home, coughing alot more and feeling very breathless too! So i have clinic tomorrow and il start ivs, hopefully i wont stay in as its my birthday Thursday! YAY!! 

Will let you know how clinic goes! 

5,335 hours on the transplant list !

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