Sunday, 7 April 2013

Iv been feeling a little bit low recently, with the brake up to me being back in hospital and having this horrible cold, i just feel fed up.

Iv never felt pain like this before, the heart brake of someone not feeling the same as you and wanting different things after all this time together is so hard to handle. I feel angry as well cos he left when i needed him most. I needed him to be here for me and tell me everything is going to be okay. I thought we were in this together. He has truly hurt me.

On top of that i have this horrible cold, iv lost my voice completely! Some see it as a blessing though lol. I cant stop coughing either, im having a hugh coughing fit every 5-10 mins, hurts my back and giving me really bad head aches! Iv also been waking up with head aches and think my oxygen overnight needs to be turned up to 3 litres..Iv got to have blood gases in the morning to check before they do change anything.

No calls from transplant yet either! :(

4,834 hours on the transplant list

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