Friday, 2 November 2012

Nearly 3 weeks!

Oh my gosh! its been nearly 3 weeks since i finished my IVs!! Yaaay :) Haven't gone that long without going into hospital in ages.. since June time i think, wow! So iv been enjoying my time at home, relaxing and trying to keep busy. I had my Button changed to a bigger size last week, i had a nurse come out to do it for me and she blooming hurt!!

i had to lay flat and she took out my old button easy, it felt very strange though, then she got the new button but it wouldn't go in...she tried for a while to get it in. It was so sore and very painful. I nearly ended up biting my nans hand lol. So it wouldn't go in, so she got some olive oil to put around it to help. She finally got it in. 'we have to be cruel to be kind' she said. Wasn't her blooming belly going through all this though! lol.

I also went shopping in a wheel chair for the first time last week. I had been dreading this for ages, but i done it and it really wasn't bad, although it was in a place where i didnt know anyone. Think id feel different if it was in town. But i done it and im proud lol

So iv got clinic on Monday and iv got IVs planned on the 12th for two weeks. Il update after then!

Thank you for reading again :)

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