Thursday, 29 November 2012

2weeks home!

Two weeks iv been home now, and iv had a cold most of the time. yukky!

The day after i came home i was feeling very short of breath and just put it down to me moving around more and walking, but i continued  to feel the same on the Monday and Tuesday. I spoke to one of my CF friends and she was feeling the same, so we thought we could both be feeling like this because of the cold weather. I have to remember my lungfuction has never been this low in this weather before so im going to feel a difference. So i rang Pappy to bring my clinic forward to this week, but i didnt go as i am a scaredy cat about driving in the dark lol so my dad is driving me next week :)

Iv had a cold all this week, coughing and sneezing. iv now lost my voice too :( But im not staying in bed im still up and about doing things :) i like to keep busy!

Iv now been on the Transplant list 10 weeks, gone so very fast! Im still jumping to my phone every time it rings lol don't think il every get used to it.. One of my friends friends had his lung transplant yesterday after waiting a very long time! so hope he has a fast recovery :)

Thats all for now :) xx

1,734 hours on the list

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