Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas & Hospital!

Iv been getting alot of different feeling lately. I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping this week and it hit me that i could get my lungs before Christmas, then i thought what if the op didnt go to plan and that was it? So i want to make this Christmas very special! Iv nearly done all my Crimbo shopping!! Its so organised for me haha...

 Im going to take my little brothers to scottsdales soon, i cant wait!! Going to take one of my youngest brothers to see Father Christmas :)  Being there gets me so excited for Christmas, Im in charge of decorating the house this year!! YAY! hehe

So hospital news .. Im still in hospital day 7, my infection levels have gone from 45 to 19 so on the right track :) Iv been extremely bored this time round but feeling good! Chest feel clearer, hope my lungfuction is higher than 20% this time... well even if it stays the same il be happy :)

iv now been on the Transplant list 8 weeks!! Gone so fast!

1,370 Hours on the list

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