Saturday, 6 October 2012

One step forward two steps back..

That what i feel like im doing at the moment, taking one step forward then two steps back. I came home 10 days ago, felt great was doing things all day, keeping busy, eating lots and sleeping well. Last Saturday i had my flu jab, on the Sunday i had a temp of 38 and was in bed all day so didnt go Cambridge as planned :( then i was fine on Monday just coughing a tad more. Then Wednesday i felt terrible, wasn't eating anything and couldn't stop coughing, was very breathless sitting down and very very tired. I rang Papworth to bring my clinic day forward but they said they had a bed available, Which they never normally do I'd normally have to wait 1-2 weeks. So i said il come in, as im now on the list i don't want my infection level getting high.

So im back in, same old meds, same old routine. Think il be in roughly 2 weeks again :(

But all for the good hopefully!

434 hours on the list

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