Thursday, 27 September 2012

Home sweet home

So iv been out 2 days! I had a busy yesterday was in and out all day, up and down the stairs too :) went to town and then to my dads, had a good day And only coughed twice! Was awesome I felt so good :) I think it's caught up with me today though, still feel good although a bit sniffy and sneezing, hoping this will pass and not turn into a cold! Don't want to be returning to pappy straight away!

I was ment to be going to shopping on my own today to help out my grandparents but iv been worrying an I'm a bit nervous going on my own, I haven't done a big shop with my chest like this before, I would of worn my oxygen and that doesn't bother me but if feel better if someone was with me. So my gramps is going to come with me later :)

I'm making some cupcakes tomora for my nan hardwicks little tea she's having then I'm off to cambs on Sunday for another Jamie Oliver's :) yum!

220 hours on the transplant list!

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