Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Quick update!

I'm writing this blog from my phone so I'm not sure how this will end up lol so here goes...

So my last blog was about my transplant assessment, I got a call to go back in a weeks time to sign some papers, they told me it would then be about a week before I got put on the list. So in the meantime of waiting I got pretty ill and needed to come in for some IVs, my infection level (crp) was 184!! Which is terrible! As iv said before it should be under 10. So I'm on meds now and on a drip 24/7, the time is going so slow aswell! Iv already been in a week which feels like about 3 weeks, especially as I don't have my laptop with me I don't have much to do in the day other than sleep and eat! Which isn't to bad as I'm putting my weight back on :) as last week I had a stomach bug and couldn't keep food down I lost 3 kgs, but alls good cos iv put it back on and more now :)

So while iv been in iv been trying to get hold of the transplant team to find out when il be on the list. And I found out yesterday that I'm finally on the active waiting list :D yaaaaay! I'm so happy that all my hard work has paid off, having my op that I was so scared of having was worth it and keep coming in hospital when I didn't want too was worth it :) I feel a little proud of myself! So now it's just a waiting game, I'm keeping my phone near me 24/7.. Not letting it out of my hands lol there is a lot I have to do still, only in the way of phone calls though. As in of I go more than an hour away I have to let Papworth know where I am and the address I'm at. And if I get a temp I have to let them know, and each month I have to ring with updates on my weight ect... But that's all :)

So happy happy happy :) sorry its a short but sweet blog, once I find my laptop lead il blog properly :)

Thank you for reading xxx

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