Thursday, 20 September 2012

Spread the word...

I just want to thank everyone that has already signed up to be an Organ Donor - but Im being greedy and want more!!!

I want more pics of you and your Donor card! Get everyone you know to send me there pic and in October il be putting everyone who has signed up in a raffle to win a prize! :)

Me and my step dad are in the middle of arranging a charity event for CF and LLTGL ( LiveLifeThenGiveLife) I will keep you up to date with it all :) but for now spread the word and get pics sent to me :) the prize will be announced soon, and it won't disappoint!

So get your card or banner saying your a Donor out & get snapping! :D share this blog as much as you can pleeeeeease :) thank you!! Xxxx

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