Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So this blog is about the big Transplant assessment!!

I had been so excited for it, for weeks i have been counting down, its all i had been able to talk about! But then Monday i just completely changed. I was so nervous, it had just hit me that they might say no! Either im to unwell or come back and have another review in 6 months time, or that because of my Cepacia and Asspergillis i have it would be to risky and they wont do it. I was crying on and off all day, making myself breathless to which point that i was using my Oxygen all day and my heart rate was 149! I was thinking of all the tests i had to have too there are so many! I got told about this one where i would have to out a tube (NG) down my nose to test my reflux. I remember me trying to put an NG in before, i just cant pass i started panicking about that too. But one friend told me there is a different test they can do for that, so relaxed a bit. But that night i didnt sleep at all, and every time i did nod off i just saw me having all these tests done. I had to be at Papworth for 9 O'clock, when i got out of bed i just wanted to jump back in and stay there all day. I was in such a mood. 

Me and Ben got there and got shown to my room, then i had bloods taken straight away,and there was loads of blood to be taken!! My arm felt dead after! Then i saw the Transplant Co-Ordinator and he gave me my timetable for the 2 days...i only had to have two tests!!! Lungfunction which im used to and a heart scan which iv had before! then just to see the doctor and thats all! I was panicking over that for no reason lol 

Then my mum came up aswell when i saw the Dr and the team. We got there at half 1 and didnt get seen until 5!  

So we saw the nurse which told us all the things that could go wrong and treatment for after, i already knew much so wasn't really anything i didnt know. Then we saw the Dr and he told us the same as the nurse then said 'so would you like to go on the list?' I could of jumped up and hugged him but i just said yes please!! :) he said the surgeon is next door and wants to talk to me, so he said he will get the paper work sorted and i can come back next week to sign them and then il be on the list :) 

While writing this i just had a phone call from the transplant team, and they said my Anti bodies has changed since last time. Before they were 15% which means there 85% chance of finding a match. But today he said they are now 70%. So that means theres now 30% of finding a match. Im still positive but it is a kick in the teeth...

Thank you for reading and all my support and messages you have been giving :) 

138 Hours until im on the List!! 

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